If you want to keep your smartphone secure while enjoying fun-loving sports. Then you should check out an appreciable list of the Best 6 Plus Waterproof Case. You can pick any of one them that offer the full-body safeguard to your device.

They boast of standard ingress protection rating with shockproof features. They are very lightweight and comes in a slim design that allows trouble-free access to all the features of your device.

Top 10 Best 6 Plus Waterproof Case:

#1. Lifeproof FRE SERIES

#2. HESG

#3. Cambond

#4. JOTO

#5. Effun

#6. LifeProof NUUD

#7. CellEver

#8. RedPepper

#9. Temdan

#10. Meritcase

Let’s explore the list of Waterproof Case for iPhone 6S.

  1. Lifeproof FRE SERIES:

Lifeproof FRE SERIES

Lifeproof FRE SERIES is simply one of the Best 6 Plus Waterproof Case that provides ultimate protection. With the slim design, it looks elegant on your iPhone 6 Plus and its built-in screen protector is very responsive to the touch.

You can easily charge and sync your device using the micro USB port and its pronounced buttons have a good click.

Moreover, its IP-68 ingress protection rating along with military drop protection makes it a top-notch option from all aspects. Even, this dashing waterproof case is available in five color options.

  1. HESGI:


HESGI Waterproof Case for iPhone 6S is fully equipped to deliver a full-body safeguard to your iPhone that is made with premium TPU and PC material.

Its solid casing can endure even nasty bumps along with a slim profile, it fits snuggly that offers easy access to all the features of your device.

With an IP68 rating, this waterproof case ensures your device has the best protection in swimming. This HESG case is available in nine color variants.

  1. Cambond:


This Cambond case gives you a waterproof pouch to keep your iPhone 6Plus safe from all corners. This pouch has a string attached so that you can hold it tightly when you are underwater.

Plus, this string allows you to put the pouch around your neck if you don’t want to hold your phone. It is made up of Harmless food-grade ABS material for better use.

Its IPX8 certified waterproof pouch lets you dive deep as under as 100 feet. In this case, you can easily enjoy water sports and adventurous games like rafting, diving, skiing, fishing, boating, skating, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, biking, and more.

  1. JOTO:


This JOTO case is an exceptionally user-friendly universal waterproof case that offers ultimate protection. This bag pouch fits all smartphones with up to 6.0 diagonal size and also features a clear window on both sides.

It is a 100 feet IPX8 certified waterproof that makes it a must for water sports aficionados. Moreover, this waterproof case comes in as many as eight color variants.

  1. Effun


EFFUN Waterproof Case for iPhone 6S comes with a multi-protection feature. Its IP68 standard waterproof allows you to dive deep into two meters for one hour.

This case protects your iPhone against drops and shocks along with precise cutouts for all buttons and controls like Touch ID, cameras, speakers, power button, mute button, volume buttons, and charge port.

It is ultra-light and slim and well appreciate for its high touch sensitivity, built-in screen protector.

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  1. LifeProof NUUD:

LifeProof NUUD

LifeProof is known to offers the top quality waterproof cases. This LifeProof NUUD with IP68 ingress protection rating gives the necessary defense to your device from water.

Also, it provides the military-grade safeguard to make sure your phablet has enough muscle to absorb shock.

Moreover, the NUUD waterproof case is very sleek and makes a form-fitting appearance on the smartphone. It is available in only Black and avalanche color options.

  1. CellEver:


CellEver iPhone 6-6s Plus Waterproof Case provides safety from bumps and water as well. This waterproof case comes in a minimal design that looks nice on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Its precise cut-out for the Apple logo and camera enhance its overall look. Plus, its lightweight design feels very comfortable in the palms.

This CellEver waterproof case is available in three colors such as ocean blue, white and black.

  1. RedPepper:


RedPepper has crafted this Waterproof Case for iPhone 6S with full of paradoxes. This case is waterproof but compatible, completely protective yet precise, sensitive but environmentally-friendly, thick but portable, and high-quality yet affordable.

It is made of premium materials that come at a premium price tag. Plus, it has 0.08-inch in thickness and doesn’t affect the slim profile of your phone.

  1. Temdan:


With the Temdan Waterproof Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus, your phone will keep floating on the surface of the water as the floating strap will save the phone from sinking.

With the IP68 standards, you can let your phone stay underwater for two hours. This case is great protection for your iPhone 6 Plus and it will remain fully sealed.

  1. Meritcase:


If you want to enjoy water sports or wish to explore the marine world, then with Meritcase’s high-quality waterproof case, you can stay underwater for thirty minutes.

Meritcase has manufactured this waterproof case from the high-grade TPU+PC material, that protects against scratches. It is a fully sealed cover that prevents any dirt or dust into your phone.

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Sum It Up:

Sum It Up

 We hope that this list will help you to find the Best 6 Plus Waterproof Case. They offer qualities with an industry-standard waterproof rating.

It can provide easy access to all the features of your device with ease make these cases so handy. With essential protection from drops and scratch, they are comparatively lightweight and sport slim design.


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