LG G4 is the newest flagship smartphone that comes with a premium build. The G4 features high-end materials. To add some extra protection to your device, you need to have the Best Case for LG G4.

In this article, we have listed some of the top rated Cases and Covers for LG G4 which can be used for both protection and style for your Smartphone.

List of 12 Best Case for LG G4:

  1. J&D Tech Case:

J&D Tech Case

J&D Tech LG G4 Case is a rubber-made protection skin for your G4. It can protect the device from nearly every possible kind of damage.

It comes with a sturdy design and gives anti-slip protection but also protects the device from accidental drops and scratches.

J&D Tech offers an excellent customer support section of the company.

2. Verus Wallet Case:

Verus LG G4 Case

Verus LG G4 Case is one of the thinner solutions for your all-around protection. It has a lot of protective elements, such as the raised lip for screen protection and raised edges.

These phone cases can resistant to almost every kind of accidental damages like drops and hits. It is a premium combination of TPU-made inner layer and the Polycarbonate outer shell.

For its looks, it has a brushed metal look and its cuts are perfect that you can connect everything easily.

  1. Spigen Case:

Spigen LG G4 Case

Spigen LG G4 case is a dual-layer protective case. It has the TPU-made interior layer & polycarbonate hard shell become when combined with the Air Cushion technology of Spigen.

This case is slim and minimalistic in design. There are perfect cut-outs which able to connect accessories quite easily.

Overall, this case gives a royal, premium look along with the kickstand that provides hassle-free viewing.

  1. SUPCASE Case:


SUPCASE LG G4 is a heavy Smartphone user and the same level of protection. This case is made up of soft TPU as well as Polycarbonate Material to protect you from dust or debris.

The features of this case are combined with the sporty design, and you will love to attach it. It also has a belt clip hostel and has a 360-degree protective case for LG G4 is worth the deal.

5. CINEYO Case:

CINEYO LG G4 Case offers heavy-duty rugged protection for your G4. It is accompanied by a kickstand that will offer a convenient viewing experience.

The inner case is made of TPU and it has a lip around edges that protect the screen from scratches when placed upside-down. The outer polycarbonate hard shell ensures that the back, side, and corner parts of the device are protected from drops and all.

From this case, you will get a stylus and screen protector free when you purchase the case. It’s an affordable protection solution for your LG G4, altogether.

6. Terrapin Case:

Terrapin LG G4 Case

Terrapin G4 Case is a protective case that gives an extra level of importance to the design of the case. It has the design a sturdy look and available in different colors including the full clear version.

This case gives the highest-quality protection and styling, given the selection of impressive raw material. Overall, this case is an all-rounder protector for your smartphone, from everyday hassles out there.

7. Diztronic Case:

Diztronic LG G4 Case

Diztronic is a full matte protective case, and the use of flexible TPU. It gives a sleek design and top-notch protection in action. The matte finish also makes sure that fingerprints.

There are raised lip that ensures the protection of the device even when you placed your device upside down. The TPU is resistant towards breaking, cracks, and all.

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8. Verus Wallet Case:

Verus LG G4 Wallet Case

Verus Wallet Case offers superb-level protection as well as a royal look from its leather-made layout. It has raised edges and all that help make this device completely safe and all the required slots and ports.

It has three card slots and a place to store your money. Overall, it makes sense to get this Case.

9. Spigen Resilient Case:

Spigen Resilient LG G4 Case

Spigen Resilient LG G4 Case is a protective case for G4, comes from the resilient series. This case has features for giving all-around protection for the device.

It comes with a flexible TPU Case along with its Air Cushion technology. For connecting, it has perfect cut-out of all the accessories.

For the look, it offers a carbon fiber texture that’s premium in terms of looks. Overall, under this price, this Case is just awesome and it’s a good deal.

10. i-Blason Clear Case:

i-Blason LG G4 Clear Case

i-Blason Clear Case gives you transparent protection. For clarity of the material, it can protect your device from slips, it offers stronger grips.

The material used for producing the case has a hardness level of 3H that offers endurable level protection, with access to all ports.

You can remove the protection films from all sides and it’s scratch-resistant, for one.

  1. i-Blason Dual Layer Case:

i-Blason Dual Layer Case

i-Blason Dual Layer Case is an optimum solution for all-rounder support for your LG G4, including sides, edges, screen, and back. This case includes TPU for the inner layer and the polycarbonate shell for outer-layer protection.

It has dotted pattern layout for protection. This gives you access to all the ports, no obstruction made to sensors or speakers.

  1. Caseology Leather Case:

Caseology Leather Case

Caseology LG G4 Leather Case is a TPU-made protective case that gives 360 Degree protection for your device. It has a design unique and versatile.

This case consists of a premium textured fabric TPU and Polycarbonate Bumper Frame for the rear part of the device. There is also raised lip that gives protection to the screen.

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LG’s latest flagship Smartphone comes with incredible features and the hexacore beast with 3 GB RAM. It has the feature that makes your phone different is the 16MP Camera which offers RAW Image support and manual mode.

We hope that after reading this article, you will find your Best Case for LG G4. You can use these cases and accessories to protect your smartphone.


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