Cycling is one of the healthiest forms of exercise for every age. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are, riding a bicycle will have many health benefits. Thus, here we are with the Best Cycle in India Under 20000.

If you cycling in the early morning, it will help to improve the heart’s health and also make you free from stress. Some people use bicycles to go on treks because truth be told, cycle treks and exhilaration.

While everyone wants to have the best cycle within an affordable range. So, that they can easily enjoy the benefits of this exercise without compromising their bank balance. That’s why we will talk about the top bicycles that you can easily get within 20000.

Top 10 Best Cycle in India Under 20000:-

  1. AXAN Fat Bicycle – Best Cycle under 20000 in India 2021:-

AXAN Fat Bicycle

With 26” bike wheels, this bike has gained popularity in the list of best bicycles within 20000. It is made from a carbon steel frame, with lightweight chassis.

It helps the rider move the cycle anywhere, be it on the straight roads or around the sharp corners. Even, there is a front fork suspension which will make the rides smooth and avoid you from feeling jittery due to bumps.

Its saddle is made from a comfortable material and comes with quick-release technology. Adjusting the height of the bicycle is convenient for you.


  • Wide wheels will help in evenly distributing the pressure of the bike.
  • Mudguards are present in the bike that prevents the rear chassis from any damage.
  • 21-speed gear combination is available on the bicycle.


  • Since it’s a fat bike, don’t expect fast rides.
  1. Hercules Roadeo A 300 Bicycle – Best Cycle in India Under 20000:-

Hercules Roadeo A 300 Bicycle

Hercules Roadeo’s line of bicycles is a very famous brand. This A300 model is one of their premium creations. To limit the weight problem, an alloy frame has been used in manufacturing the bike, it will you cycle with ease.

This bike’s saddle has a PU leather covering which makes the seat soft and comfortable for long hour rides. Furthermore, it comes with a quick-release option, to adjust the seat’s height at your convenience.

Its V-brake discs at the front and rear side will provide you with the ultimate control of the bike’s motion. Hence, you will stop the bike immediately without getting hit by something.


  • The Ezy gear shifters are present in the steering handle.
  • 21-speed shifting gear is present in the model.
  • The presence of the quick-release saddle.


  • No mudguard is present for protecting the rear chassis.
  1. Firefox Bikes Cyclone 24T -21 Speed Mountain Cycle – Trek Cycles Under 20,000:-

Firefox Bikes Cyclone 24T -21 Speed Mountain Cycle

Firefox Cyclone mountain bike will be the ideal choice without a doubt. It has a unique color combination with a black and olive green chassis.

V-brakes are present in this bike to help in powerful brake applications to stop the momentum and motion. This cycle has thinner wheels; a double-walled alloy rim is present, surrounding the tires that perfectly reduce wear and tear.

However, the bike is ideal for people with a height of 4.6” to 5.6”. Its steel framework is very strong and it will help you travel on bumpy roads easily.


  • With front-wheel suspension.
  • The quick-release mechanism of the saddle.
  • The handle comes with the gear shifter close to the thumb.


  • You wouldn’t have supreme control over the brakes.
  1. Hero Sprint Icon 26T 21 Speed Junior Cycle – Best Hybrid Cycles in India under 20000:-

Hero Sprint Icon 26T 21 Speed Junior Cycle

This cycle’s color combination is amazing and looks quite attractive and enchanting for the onlookers. Its saddle and steering heights are almost at the same level, which helps you to maintain the correct posture.

Even, the saddle has a QR system to change its height and make it suitable for young people. This bike comes with a front fork suspension to help you to ride smoothly.

However, the pedals have been designed uniquely with reflectors attached to them. Also, the wheel size is around 26” which will help traverse the off-roads.


  • Presence of the BB cartridge for ride smooth and noiseless.
  • 21-speed gear system
  • The suspension will help you to avoid bumpy roads.


  • Mudbrakes are absent in the bikes.
  1. Foldable Sports MTB Cycle – Best MTB under 20000 in India 2021:-

Foldable Sports MTB Cycle

This bike has an aluminum frame to make the bike lightweight. Thus, you won’t have to put a lot of pressure on the bike to maneuver it. It will have three gears at the front and seven gears at the bike’s back.

Moreover, it has a 21-speed configuration, to help you travel both downhill and uphill easily, without pedaling too much.

This bike has dual suspension, both at the front and the back. With 26” tires, you will be able to distribute the two-wheeler pressure evenly on the roads.


  • The presence of front and rear hydraulic suspension.
  • Both the wheels have amazing strength to tolerate the roughness of the off-roads.
  • The handles are bent at the end to provide a better grip.


  • The saddle is made from a hard material.
  1. Omobikes Manali G7 – Best Cycle in India Under 20000:-

Omobikes Manali G7

Omobikes Manali G7 model has an improved bike structure, that allows you to travel both on the on-roads and the off-roads. Plus, it has dual brake discs with which a rider will have superior control over the cycle’s motion.

You will be able to halt the bike immediately by applying these power brakes. Even, it has a 7-speed gear configuration, which will allow you to shift the speeds at your convenience.

Also, the frame is made from quality material which makes it strong and enduring.

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  • It has a front suspension tube.
  • Double-walled alloy wheel rims.
  • The saddle comes with an adjustable height.


  • The speed shifting gear ratio is limited.
  1. Montra Helicon Disc 27.5T 21 Speed Super Cycle – Best Cycle under 20000 in India 2021:-

Montra Helicon Disc 27.5T 21 Speed Super Cycle

This cycle is perfect for rough surface trails where the tires need to be wider to handle the bike’s weight. The frame is made with aluminum alloy, making it hard enough to withstand the uneven terrains.

It is lightweight for more maneuverability. Moreover, this bike comes with a rigid suspension to provide you with a comfortable ride. It’s front and rear reflectors are present in this bicycle to help you commute on city traffic roads.

The best part of this bike is the gear having a 21-speed combination and the three gears are attached to the front wheel while the rear end will have seven gears.


  • Fat tires to help in even distribution of the cycle’s weight.
  • Disc brakes are present with the bike.
  • The handles have a soft PU grip.


  • The bike has no mudguard.
  1. Cosmic Trium 29T 21-Speed Hardtail Bicycle- Trek Cycles Under 20,000:-

Cosmic Trium 29T 21-Speed Hardtail Bicycle

Cosmic Trium 29T bicycle has only a front fork suspension which will help you present mountain terrains’ bumpiness.

The rear end doesn’t have any additional suspension tube; you wouldn’t be able to take this bike to rougher trails.

However, the best part is its color which makes it look unique. It will help you make a grand appearance. Even, the pedals are made from strong material to help you push the bicycle uphill or control the wheels.


  • Front fork suspension.
  • Dual disc brakes.
  • The tires are wider enough to handle the stress and abrasions.


  • The seat has a slightly lower height orientation than the handle.
  1. Hero Doran 29T 21 Speed Black Moutain Bicycle – Best MTB under 20000 in India 2021:-

Hero Doran 29T 21 Speed Black Moutain Bicycle

This bike from Hero is very powerful and suitable for rougher mountain trails and smoother city roads. Even, the front suspension has a spring, lockout technology that will help maintain the bike’s chassis without causing any harm to the driver.

However, the seat comes with a quick-release mechanism for better height adjustments. Plus, it has a 21-speed gear system, with three in the front and seven gears at the rear end.


  • Dual brake discs to give you better control.
  • You can shift the speed perfectly during both uphill and downhill motions.
  • The chassis is made from steel.


  • The absence of rear suspension wouldn’t allow you to cover the roughest terrains.
  • No mudguard is present on the bike.
  1. Huffy Men’s Vantage Mountain Cycle – Best Cycle under 20000 in India 2021:-

Huffy Men’s Vantage Mountain Cycle

The wheels present in the bicycle are 27” which is the perfect measure for any cycle. The double-walled alloy rims will protect the tire’s rubber material.

Also, it reduces the wear and tears the wheels are subjected to.

This bike’s all-black frame makes it look bolder and more ferocious, and hence perfect for men. It is based on the 21-speed gear system, which helps smooth uphill and downhill movement.


  • Presence of front suspension.
  • Riders will feel at ease with the strong, steel frame of the bike.
  • Able to shift the gears easily with the thumb shifter in the steering.


  • The seat is at a lower height than the handle.



However, there are different types of bikes, some having a single gear system while some have dual suspensions. Each feature has its benefits and minus points.

So, before you buy the Best Cycle in India Under 20000, you need to ensure that the chosen bicycle features are convenient for you. Only then will you get the best cycle for yourself.


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