Technologies are going very vast and easier today according to people’s demands. Netflix is also one of the popular technology now which offers us to watch movies or videos regularly on our android phone or TV.

So, here we cover overall top 5 super and trending list of “Best Movies On Netflix”. That’s why Netflix users can easily separate their favorite collection.

Short Details About Netflix:

Short Details About Netflix

Netflix is one of the popular live streaming movie and video service where we can easily get our favorite movie collection. Basically, the main reason behind its popularity, it offers “Award-Winning TV Shows“, “Movies“, “Documentaries“, and many more also.

Randomly, their other platforms are available on the internet where we can easily get streaming services on the web. But, they are showing us a lot of advertisements on the screen while watching a movie.

So, awesome features offered by Netflix is that you or we can enjoy with them by fully ads free movies on there. Not only this, but it will also allow watching TV shows as per monthly basis plan.

Top 5 Super and Famous Best Movies On Netflix:

Best Movies On Netflix Infographic
 Best Movies On Netflix Infographic

Now, we move towards, Best Movies On Netflix and we have also listed below with their details as well:

1. The-Matrix (1999):
The Matrix
                                              The Matrix

The Matrix movie was  released in the year 1999. it comes in the action category. It is totally related to Science and Action-based film. Here, you will get observe amazing and mind-blowing awesome effects, also included with drama on there, and many more.

The users should need to know about its best thing, it has awarded with Oscar award four times. At that time, this special movie is famous due to meme-worthy, filled drama, quotable, etc.

At the time of war, this movie behaves as hackers can play a very important role call to fight against the opposition. The over-0all run time of this movie is 136 minutes.

2. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse:
Spider-Man - Into The Spider-Verse
                                                    Spider-Man – Into The Spider-Verse

Everyone knows about, the Spider-Man movie and there is one and a single man and it is only a hero there. But, in the year 2018, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is released and it is in the animated form.

It offers you below things:

  • Here, you will get varieties of Spider man’s like Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-Pigs, etc.

  • The stars who helped to create this movie are Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, Shameik.

  • The director of this movie is Peter Ramsey, Rodney, Bob Persichetti.

  • It’s a completely action-based movie and the total time duration is about 117 minutes.

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3. The Irishman:
The Irishman
                                                            The Irishman

The founder of the movie “The Irishman” is Martin Scorsese in the year 2019. He is also helped to codify all the gangster genre with other films such as Casino, and also Goodfellas.

The Irishman Movie Offers You:

  • It is totally based on the older gangster stores related movies but here, the gangsters are in the little amount.

  • The movie contains a lot of drama scenes on there.

  • The director of this drama movie is Martin Scorsese.

  • The stars who worked in this movie are Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and AI Pacino.

  • The total time duration of this movie is about 209 minutes.

4. Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2:
Kill Bill
                                                                            Kill Bill

The movie “Kill Bill” has its two parts on them where volume was released in the year 2003 and volume 2 in the year 2004. The story of this movie is totally based on a woman whose name is “The Bride” which one is “Uma Carradine”.

The Story is, the girl “The Bride” try to run their business properly and want to become successful.

But, her love has murdered or filled at the wedding party. After a decade she is overcome from a coma and alter she remembered all things happened with them.

It is also included with below terms:

  • Its totally based on the action and there is drama on there.
  • The stars who worked with this movie are David Carradine, Uma Thurman, and Lucy Liu.
  • The director of this movie is Quentin Tarantino.
  • Volume 1 has an overall running time is 111 minutes and volume 2 is 136 minutes.
5. Frances Ha (Best Comedy Movies on Netflix):
Frances Ha
                                                                    Frances Ha

It was released in the year 2012 and also best comedy movies on netflix.  The age of Frances is 27 and she is a famous dancer at that time. She also lives with their best friend and told him that, she had a broken relationship with their boyfriend. Later, she also asked him, remaining life continues with him.

Check out below about Frances Ha Movies:

  • The movie Frances Ha is the best comedy movie on Netflix and also a popular one as well.

  • The movie is coming in the category of Comedy and drama also.

  • The starts who are worked in this comedy movie are Mickey Summer, Greta Gerwing, and Charlotte d’Amboise also.

  • The director of this movie is Noah Baumbach and watch hour is 86 minutes.


The movie lovers are always get confused that, which movie is best for him or her and watch on the streaming device. So, we have concluded for them, here we give a total, 5 super Best Movies On Netflix. Check out below list:

1. The-Matrix Movie(1999):

2. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse:

3. The Irishman:

4. Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2:


5. Frances-Ha (Best Comedy Movies on Netflix):


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