YouTube is one of the big and largest platforms where we can easily use them to watch online videos. With the help of the YouTube channel, many business owners can easily sell and also promote their products. Here, we will give you, What are Top Free and Best Movies on YouTube?

Actually, YouTube is one of the free platforms worldwide thus, the users are trying to get services like free music, videos, movies online. But, there are many channels have must need the subscription or buy the movie to watch.

So, we have solved this problem in this article and provide all the list of movies which freely available on the YouTube app. So, let’s get to start…

Short Overview of YouTube:

Short Overview of YouTube

YouTube is a world-famous and popular online video browsing application where we can easily with the watch and upload videos. The users should need to know that, this is an America’s online video or movie sharing platform.

The company YouTube is situated in the headquarters of San Bruno, California. The main purpose of searching from this service is by showing ads of Google Adsense.

In the year of 2011, this app or service rolling out which is YouTube movies for all users smoothly. This is one of the best facilities for the user who doesn’t want to use any paid services just like Netflix or any other like HBO.

What are Top Free and Best Movies on YouTube (Updated):

What are Top Free and Best Movies on YouTube (Updated)
What are Top Free and Best Movies on YouTube (Updated)

See, there are several movies are available free on the YouTube platform but we aren’t able to decide which one is best and good for them. Don’t worry we have created the list of all the movies which are Top Free and Best Movies on YouTube. Check out the below list:

  1. Nosferatu:


Nosferatu is one of the free and also best movies on YouTube where you don’t need to pay money to watch. This movie was released in the year of 1922 and at that time this movie was too much horror film.

The famous german film industry which is “Paran Film Production” has released it which is a complete horror type. The main role of Dracula in this movie is trying to restore or regained the power of Vampires whose name is “Nosferatu“.

2. Kung Fury:

Kung Fury

Another best movie which is the most popular one is Kung Fury and it was released in the year of 2015. in this picture, the director “David Sandberg” is also playing a role called into this film and he is later popular for his acting.

It is fully based on the action where the main her is actually bitten by the Cobra snake. The interesting fact in this movie is that a huge quantity of fighting scenes will be received by the user.

3. The Escort:

The Escort

Another most famous free movie on YouTube is “The Escort” which is fully filled with romantic scenes. It was launched in the year, 2016 and later available in all theaters. The overall time duration of this film is 1 hour, 28 minutes, and later become much more famous in the American region.

As we informed you, this movie is containing some parts of Drama, few parts having comedy, and remaining with a lot of romantic scenes.

4th. “4 Minute Mile Trailer“:

4 Minute Mile Trailer

4 Minute Mile Trailer movie based on the story of a little teenager who is much more struggling in his courier. Initially, the movie contains some parts where he is working with his brother as a drug controller but later he decided to change his life.

Then after, that, once a day, the retried coach saw him run in the field and they have started to giving training to them. In the end, he will become a fast runner and won the gold medal as a prize and also become a famous player.

5. Shaolin:


The world-famous movie which is Shaolin is also called as a New Shaolin Temple. It is a super movie was launched in Hong Kong city. Thus, the people of that city is most like this movie and many places are shown in this movie are well known by them.

It was realized in the year 2011 and it is a Martial Arts based movie and also the director of his film is Benny Chan. Other film-directors are also included in them are Starring Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse as well.

6. Fist of Fury:

Fist of Fury

As we are well known about the actor Bruse Lee which is the most famous one in the film industry. The users also should know about it is that the film is completely fighting based and supper cool actions on them.

Fist of Fury was the first film where the famous actor Bruce Lee played an awesome role call into them. it was realized in the year of 1972 and become more popular because of it too much-fighting scenes on them.  We will hope this film is also special for movie lovers or users.

Take Away:


Today, the android phone gives a lot of options to watch movies or films or videos on them just by installing the application. Google is owned, YouTube application where we can browse our favorite songs, movie, or videos as well.

So, here is also an option available for the user who wants to watch the movie or video totally free. Such that, we have created the list of Top Free and Best Movies on YouTube. Check out the below list:

  1. Nosferatu
  2. Kung Fury
  3. The Escort
  4. 4 Minute Mile Trailer
  5. Shaolin
  6. Fist of Fury

That’s it, these are the list all the good movies on youtube for free. Where the user will get several characters of heroes or there. An amazing thing about these films is that maximum films are action-based, and remaining are filled with the romantic.

Thus, the concluded the list of movies or free fils will always entertain the users. The best and interesting thing on these files is that the user can get on other apps. Available on the same movie on Netflix or Amazon or HBO channels.

But at that place, they should have to pay some amount o watch for a limited time period. But, at the YouTube platform, all these mentioned movies are fully free and also in the HD version.


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