If you want to choose the Best MTB Cycle Under 20000 in India 2021, then you must check out this post briefly.

Bicycle holds an important place in commuting between places. Most people still love using their bicycles to move around between places of short distance.

Even, you can buy a bicycle as workout equipment or as a travel vehicle, or as both. It will be great for you as it works as a great workout routine and environment also.

10 of the Best MTB Cycle Under 20000 in India 2021:

#1. B’Twin Rockrider 340 MTB Cycle:

B’Twin Rockrider 340 MTB Cycle

Best for – City commute, Good Customer Care, and Servicing

This B’Twin Rockrider 340 cycle is good for city touring and general fitness use. It has a lightweight aluminum frame with a medium-size weight of 14.85kg without pedals.

Its 21-speed Shimano shifters make it a versatile cycle for hilly commutes as well. It has a Suntour XCT suspension (80mm) with an adjustment dial for stiffness for easy transitions from road to gravel.

#2. Montra Trance Hybrid Cycle:

Montra Trance Hybrid Cycle

Best for – Fast city rides, and Undulating terrain 

Montra Trance is a 21-speed hybrid cycle with the 700x35c Kenda tires that make commuting fast. Its double-wall alloy rims are sturdy, long-lasting, and can take impact.

However, its frame has space for a bottle cage that helps you to stay hydrated on long rides. With the 50mm suspension, it makes bumpy rides tackle able. Also, it has Shimano Altus 21-speed shifters for smooth shifting and power alloy V-brakes.

#3.Firefox Rapide 21S Hybrid Cycle:

Firefox Rapide 21S Hybrid Cycle

Best for- Fast riding on flat roads and Easy to Transport

This fast hybrid cycle with 700x35C tires and 21 speed Shimano Tourney shifters. The Firefox Rapide is a robust cycle with double-walled alloy rims and an alloy frame.

Its front and rear wheels have quick-release mechanisms that make this cycle easy to transport.

Plus, the seat post is also adjustable with a quick-release mechanism. Thus, you can adjust the cycle for your height or another rider’s height easily.

#4. B’Twin Triban 100 Flat Bar Road Cycle:

B’Twin Triban 100 Flat Bar Road Cycle

Best for- Good customer care and servicing, Fast Flat Commutes, and Lightweight

With the 11kg, it is the lightest cycle in this list of cycles under 20000. It has a comfortable upright sitting geometry for a comfortable ride with a simple design.

The Shimano Altus 7-speed trigger shifter is easy to use and maintain with good quality. You can reach your destination quickly with 700x32C tires.

#5. Hero Doran 29T MTB Cycle:

Best for – Trail riding, Value for Money, and Control

The Hero Doran 29T is built for a pure trail riding experience in cycles. It comes with 29″ x 2.1″ tires for good grip and control on trails and turns.

This 21-speed MTB is good for undulating terrain with a weight of 16.3kgs. It comes with disc brakes on both sides for a quick stop and they are much easier to maintain than V-brakes.

Its coil suspension and lockout system make it a versatile bike for flat roads and trails.

#6. Roadeo A50 MTB Cycle:

Roadeo A50 MTB Cycle

Best for – Trail riding, Traction, and Quick Gear Shifting

Roadeo A50 is a pure trail riding experience that comes with 21 speed Shimano easy fire shifters for smooth riding. Its double-walled alloy rims and 26”x2.1” tires are good for traction.

Plus, its front disc provides active and durable braking and the front suspension is very responsive. The bottom bracket is friction-free and it has a quick-release seat-post that is suitable for micro-adjustments.

#7. Cosmic Trium 27.5 MTB Cycle:

Cosmic Trium 27.5 MTB Cycle

Best for – Sudden braking, and Trail Riding

Cosmic Trium 27.5 is an entry-level mountain bike and is good for those people who want to hit the trails.

It has disc brakes in the front and back, and 27.5”x2.125” tires give you a wonderful trail experience. Plus, its 100mm travel suspension supports jumps and gives a smooth riding experience.

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#8. Montra Rock 1.0 27.5 MTB Cycle:

Montra Rock 1.0 27.5 MTB Cycle

Best for –  Flat trails, Commute and Good Handling

This Montra Rock 1.0 cycle is good for flat trail riding, off-roading, and fitness rides. It has 27.5″ x 2.1″ Kenda Komodo tires mounted on XMR 27.5″ alloy rims.

It is a lightweight aluminum frame cycle, that is easy to transport. Plus, its 680mm long handlebar makes it easy to handle the cycle on trails and turns.

#9. Scholl Oxygen 27.5 MTB Cycle:

Scholl Oxygen 27.5 MTB Cycle

Best for –  Durability, Dual Disc Brakes for Quick Stop, and Undulating Terrain

Scholl Oxygen is a 21-speed MTB cycle with dual disc brakes that is perfect for offroading and flat trails.

It has internal wiring that gives this cycle a clean look and also makes the cables long-lasting.

Plus, the 27.5”x2.1” Kenda tires are fast and comfortable. Its seat post and the front wheel have a quick release for micro-adjustments and are easy to transport with a weight of just 14 kg.

#10. Montra Helicon Disc Hybrid Cycle:

Montra Helicon Disc Hybrid Cycle

Best for – Fast urban riding, and Sudden Braking

The Montra Helicon Disc is a 21-speed hybrid cycle with 27.5” X1.75” fast rolling Kenda tires that comes in cool Silver – Red/Black color.

It is equipped with Shimano Tourney derailleurs and Shimano Altus shifters. Plus, it has dual disc brakes for sudden braking on the city roads with rigid suspension.

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Buying the Best MTB Cycle Under 20000 in India 2021 is an easy task as there are many models in that price range. But buying a good model out of them is difficult.

We hope the above-listed cycle helps you in getting a good bicycle for under 20000.


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