Whether you are struggling to achieve proper muscle mass even after an intense workout session? Gaining weight is not that much easy as it seems. So, here we are with the top-rated Best Protein Powder For Weight Gain Without Side Effects in India.

Along with your regular workout, the mass gainer can provide excellent assistance to change your physique and build your muscles.

If you need some extra calories and nutrients for your body, then mass gainers are the best option for you. They contain carbohydrates, vitamins, a wide range of nutrients, and proteins.

In this article, we will tell you about the Best Protein Powder For Without Side Effects in India. Also, with the best weight gainer in India and Best Weight Gainer in India for Beginners, so that you can find your fitness supplement.

Top 12 Best Protein Powder For Weight Gain Without Side Effects in India:

  1. Muscle Blaze Whey Protein:

Muscle Blaze Whey Protein

It has an excellent blend of micro-filtered whey protein isolate. It has ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate that helps in better and fast absorption of protein.

This protein powder provides you with a primary source and the Best Weight Gainer Supplement Without Side Effects.

It has no side effects; it builds lean muscle, enhances recovery, and reduces muscle loss. Even, it has 5.4g of BCAAs per serving.

It is made with quality whey imported from choicest sources.


  • Pure vegetarian source of protein
  • International grade quality
  • Minimize the muscle fatigues during the workout
  • The primary source of protein
  • Enriched with digezyme for faster digestion


  • Bit costly
  • Not recommended for weight gaining

2. Fit Fuel Mff Whey Protein:

Fit Fuel Mff Whey Protein

My fit fuel Mff whey protein 80 comes in new packing of 2 Kg at the same price of 1.8kg. It has 200 gm extra protein, which is quite impressive.

The total serving per pack of 4.4 lbs (2 Kg), which gives you a total of sixty servings. It provides naturally occurring up to 4.9 gm BCAA & 3.6 gm glutamine-rich, 10.6 gm essential amino acids in every serving.

Plus, Low in fat & carbohydrate and it is ultra-pure Lab tested protein & ideal for lean growth.

It contains no soy protein, no dairy whiteners, no skim milk powder, no sugar, no color, no artificial flavor or preservatives.


  • Available in 8+ flavors
  • Best and budgeted whey protein supplement
  • Authentic product
  • Made up of pure natural milk
  • Contains digestive enzymes for fast digestion


  • Not recommended for lean body

3. IN2 Isolate Whey Protein:

IN2 Isolate Whey Protein

IN2 provides whey protein Isolate sourced from grass-fed cows.

It has zero fat, zero carbs, zero sugar and is the Best Weight Gainer Supplement Without Side Effects.

It has 27g protein per serving enhanced with BCAAs and glutamine.

Even, it has 90% Isolate whey protein and this protein supplement is free from lactose, gluten, and Soy.


  • Whey protein isolate sourced from grass-fed cows
  • No preservative
  • Soy-free
  • 90% isolate whey protein
  • Contains all essential and non-essential amino acids


  • No flavor
  1. MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer:

MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer

This protein powder offers 72g of complex carbohydrates in every serving. It is one of the Best Weight Gain Powder for Females in India.

This chocolate-flavored protein powder for women is formulated to help you gain weight and refill the glycogen reserves of the body.

It prevents post-workout muscle loss and enjoys quicker muscle synthesis with this protein shake that fuels the muscles with approximately 382 calories in each serving.


  • Helps boost muscle recovery
  • Easy-to-digest formulation
  • Available in 500g, 1kg, and 3kg containers
  • Doesn’t contain any added sugar
  • Contains 27 minerals and vitamins


  • The taste may be bland
5.Nakpro Platinum Isolate Whey Protein:

Nakpro Platinum Isolate Whey Protein

Nakpro Platinum whey protein is a 100% imported isolate whey protein supplement. It delivers 30.4g of protein per 33g serving size. It is considered the Best Mass Gainer Without Side Effects in India.

It has no artificial color, no flavor, no additives, no fillers, zero sugar, and no banned substances and chemicals. This is a rich source of protein that helps to build lean muscle, enhances recovery, supports healthy metabolism, and reduces muscle loss.

It contains the highest BCAA and EAA and superior amino acid profile, glutamic acid 5.3g and BCAA 6.9g per serve.


  • Available in 5+ flavor
  • No added color, fillers, sugar, banned substances, and chemicals.
  • 100% imported whey protein
  • Easily dissolves in water or milk
  • Comes with 6.4gm of BCAA, 4.9gm of glutamine per serving.


  • None
6.Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard Whey Protein:

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard Whey Protein

Gold Standard 100% whey blend has 24g blended protein consisting of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate to support lean muscle mass. It is the Best Weight Gainer in India for Beginners.

It has essential ingredients, such as 5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs and over 4 grams of glutamine in each serving. It helps in building lean and strong muscles, and it is gluten-free.

Also, it has been awarded as the best-selling whey protein powder on the planet by Euro monitor International Limited, consumer health 2019 edition.


  • Fast digestive protein
  • Vegetarian product
  • Transparent authentication
  • No side-effects


  • None
  1. Scitron Raw Whey Protein:

Scitron Raw Whey Protein

The Scitron Raw Whey is an unflavoured and unsweetened protein supplement that provides 24g protein per serving of 30g.

It is loaded with naturally occurring amino acids. It is easily absorbed to maintain and improve lean muscle mass.

Furthermore, it helps to deliver more outstanding gains in strength, muscle, and lean body mass. It is the Best Weight Gainer Supplement Without Side Effects.


  • Contains all essentials amino acids
  • Economical in price
  • Easily digestible
  • Comes without flavor
  • Vegetarian protein powder


  • Comes without any flavor
  1. Sinew Nutrition Weight Gainer Pro With Digestive Enzymes:

Sinew Nutrition Weight Gainer Pro With Digestive Enzymes

A vegetarian formulation, this protein powder contains a high biological value of proteins.

Every serving of this weight gain powder for females is rich in essential minerals and vitamins that help in muscle recovery post-workout.

Also, it contains high activity fiber and enzymes that help improve digestion and support faster absorption of proteins and energy.


  • Good taste
  • Can be mixed easily using a spoon
  • Comes in a sturdy container
  • Available in various flavors
  • Available in different packaging sizes
  • Best Weight Gain Powder for Females in India


  • The taste may not be consistent
  1. Dymatize Nutrition Protein Powder:

Dymatize Nutrition Protein Powder

Dymatize Nutrition ISO 100 gives you 25g per serving of ultra-premium whey protein isolate.

It is a lean muscle protein supplement and has ultra-fast absorption and digestion. It will aid you to build and maintain lean muscle mass and the Best Mass Gainer Without Side Effects in India.

It contains fat 0.5gm, dietary fiber 1gm, saturated fat 0gm, sugar 1gm, protein 25gm, total carbohydrate 2gm, cholesterol 5mg, potassium 280mg, and sodium of 100 mg.


  • Ultra-fast absorption and digestion
  • Aid in lean body muscle
  • Gluten-free
  • Imported from the USA
  • Comes in 10+ flavor


  • Little expensive

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  1. Muscletech Performance Series Whey Protein:

Muscletech Performance Series Whey Protein

Nitro-tech is a clinically formulated whey protein formula, and it’s the Best Weight Gainer Supplement Without Side Effects. It promotes greater muscle and strength gains.

By regular consumption of these proteins regularly helps you increase muscle and protein synthesis that results in increased muscle size and strength.

This is a vegetarian-friendly body muscles powder, and each scoop contains the specified amount of protein and is 100 percent natural.

It contains 30g of protein, 2.5g of total fat, 80mg of cholesterol, 2g of sugar, 1.7g of L-valine (as whey protein and L-valine), 370mg of calcium, 160mg of sodium, and 150g of calories per serving of 46g.


  • Comes in 5 flavor
  • Vegetarian product
  • Gives more strength than regular whey protein
  • Contains creatine for better results


  • None
  1. BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder:

BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder

BSN Syntha-6 protein powder is a premium quality protein powder with 22g protein per serving from 6 unique protein sources.

It aids in building your lean muscle with 9 grams of fiber and 10 grams of essential amino acids per serving.

Even, it produces a rich, creamy milkshake taste and texture with 5+ different flavors. Also with contains milk, egg, wheat, and soy (Lecithin) ingredients.


  • Comes in 8 different flavors
  • Includes essential amino acids, fatty acids, and also an excellent source of fiber.
  • Best tasting protein powder


  • Expensive
  1. Bigmuscles Nutrition Organic Whey Protein:

Bigmuscles Nutrition Organic Whey Protein

Big muscles nutrition raw whey protein is high in protein(80%) for optimal recovery, muscle build, and muscle retention. It dissolves perfectly in water and it is the Best Weight Gainer in India for Beginners.

It is 100% pure organic whey protein powder from happy grass-fed cows, which provides 24g protein, 5.5g BCAA, and 4g glutamine per 30g serving.

Even, it is ideal for an intense workout as it boosts recovery and reduces muscle soreness. It is hormone-free, GMO-free, soy-free, with no artificial additives, no added sugars, or other sweeteners.


  • Vegetarian protein powder
  • Protein powder is extracted from happy grass-fed cows
  • No artificial additives and no added sugar
  • Imported from the USA
  • Hormone-free, GMO-free, soy-free


  • Unflavoured

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Bottom Line:

Bottom Line

So that concludes our comprehensive guide on the Best Protein Powder For Weight Gain Without Side Effects in India.

Everybody wants to get fit and strong, and the Best Mass Gainer Without Side Effects in India will give you the desired result.


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