Are you looking for the Best Waterproof Backpack India? Backpacks are the perfect accessory and they do not only offer convenience. Also, it adds an uber-cool factor to your look. 

Buying the best backpack isn’t that easy. Many popular bag companies are playing with marketing gimmicks to get maximum consumers in this segment.

The Backpacks need to be as comfortable as stylish and trendy they look. Men’s use of backpacks has changed over the years now – they are no longer limited to carry school and college books.

From carrying gadgets to cameras to files, folders, and laptops, investing in a good backpack requires thorough research and understanding.

Here we are with the list of top Best Waterproof Backpack India to help you choose the best backpack.

Top 11 Best Waterproof Backpack India:-

  1. Best Waterproof Backpack India – SAFARI 15 Ltrs Casual Backpack:

SAFARI 15 Ltrs Casual Backpack

Safari is a well-known brand for its trolley, suitcases, and backpacks made of premium quality. Safari 15 liters casual backpack can be used for daily travel as well as short trips.

It has about 15 liters capacity, which lets you carry an umbrella, wallet, keys, notepad, earphones, pens, and other essentials.

This bag features a drawstring design that lets you drop and remove things from the bag easily. With the compact size, it comes with two compartments.

Even, the backpack is made from polyester and weighs 200 grams.


  • Comes in an attractive sea blue color and a decent yet classy look.
  • Lightweight weighs only 200 grams.
  • Ideal for carrying essentials on a long trip.


  • No laptop compartment.
  1. Waterproof Backpack for Men – American Tourister 32 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack:

American Tourister 32 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack

American Tourister is one of the top backpack brands in India owned by Samsonite. It deals with the manufacture of some great luggage bags and other backpacks.

This casual backpack from American Tourister is a great option for those who want to organize their stuff. It has adjustable straps with mesh padding in the straps.

Its back allows for comfortable movement also distributes the weight evenly between both shoulders.

However, it is made using durable double dot polyester material. Even, it has 3 compartments and meshes pockets on both sides to accommodate water bottles and other small objects.


  • The padded adjustable straps distribute the weight evenly
  • 2 main compartments
  • Light-weight, durable, and stylish backpack.


  • The straps are not durable and won’t help any weight.
  1. Waterproof Backpack Wildcraft – Wildcraft 44 Liters Wolf Casual Backpack:

Wildcraft 44 Liters Wolf Casual Backpack

Wildcraft Wolf Casual Backpack comes in black color and is made of nylon material. It has three spacious compartments for better organization.

This Backpack has a capacity of 44 liters and promotes a padded back system for superior back support. It comes with a multilevel organizer for storing accessories.

With sleeve separator for better organization inside the separated compartments. However, its side fabric pocket is attached for carrying a bottle with a quick grab haul loop attached.


  • Provides better back support with padded back system
  • Adds comfort and provides ease of carrying
  • Multi-level organizer and has sleeve separator, line separators to organize inside the different compartments.


  • The quality of material could have been better
  1. Best Waterproof Backpack for Work- AUXTER Blacky 30 LTR School Bag Casual Backpack:

AUXTER Blacky 30 LTR School Bag Casual Backpack

Auxter manufactures top-quality products at an affordable price range with premium design. This backpack is pretty decent and comes with various features that you will need to use in regular usage.

Also, the product quality isn’t deteriorating down for the affordable price range.

You can use this Backpack for School, College, Laptop, Office purposes. Also, this backpack comes with a laptop compartment to store it securely.


  • Easier to carry around while traveling.
  • Pocket-friendly Auxter bag with a reflective strip underneath
  • Waterproof


  • No negative points observed so far
  1. Waterproof Backpack for College – POLESTAR”Noble Blue 32 Ltrs Casual Backpack:

POLESTAR”Noble Blue 32 Ltrs Casual Backpack

Pole Star is a company well-known for its affordable, top-quality backpacks range from low to high-end budgets.

This backpack is made with premium quality polyester fabric material for long-lasting use. It comes with a laptop compartment to store your laptop safely while carrying/traveling.

However, there are three zippered compartments for storing lots of stuff. On both sides of the bag, there is two water bottle pocket for carrying two bottles at a time.


  • Comes with a padded handle and shoulder straps
  • Made up of polyester breathable mesh.
  • Budget-friendly product to use. You can store a lot of stuff inside.


  • No negative points observed so far
  1. Best Waterproof Backpack India – Fur Jaden 15 Ltrs Grey Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack:

Fur Jaden 15 Ltrs Grey Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack

This backpack from Fur Jaden is the most trendy and stylish. It can store all your items and laptop conveniently.

It has a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry. While the anti-theft and water-resistant design keeps your belongings well-protected at all times.

However, it comes with a charging dock allowing you to charge your phone while traveling. It is a unisex classy backpack that is something you must have.


  • Keeps your belongings safe
  • Large storage space with compartments
  • Ideal for both men and women.
  • Can store a laptop up to 15.6 inches easily.
  • Stylish and practical to carry around.


  • No negative points observed so far.
  1. Waterproof Laptop Backpack – POLE STAR Polyester 30L Black Backpack:

POLE STAR Polyester 30L Black Backpack

POLE STAR Polyester 30L Black Backpack is a durable and lightweight backpack. It has enough storage space with separate compartments to organize items. It is designed to include a compartment, especially for your laptop.

Moreover, it has curved padded shoulder straps, mesh padding in the back, and a softshell. It is water-resistant and dustproof, making it.

Even, it is made from polyester fabric that is dustproof and water-resistant that is easy to clean.


  • The loop handle allows you to grab the bag in a hurry.
  • Carry it with ease and comfort.
  • Spacious interior with compartments.
  • Straps are adjustable for added convenience.
  • Durable and easy to clean.


  • The quality of the zippers is not great.

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  1. Waterproof Backpack for College & School- AmazonBasics 21 Ltrs Classic Backpack:

AmazonBasics 21 Ltrs Classic Backpack

Amazon Basics 21 Liters Classic Backpack is great storage for school materials and office supplies.

It is good for short-length travels as you can put several basic things inside. It is known for its basic functionalities and features with a laptop compartment up to 14 inches.


  • Comfortable straps
  • Has a large compartment as well as mini storage pockets
  • Very light material and very comfortable


  • The very plain-looking design
  • Not enough for laptops that have more than 15 inches of size
  • Not waterproof
  1. Leather Waterproof Laptop Backpack- F Gear Luxur Black 25 liters Backpack:

F Gear Luxur Black 25 liters Backpack

F Gear Luxur Black 25 liters Backpack is a fashionable leather laptop backpack. It can also be used for various other purposes.

This full-featured pack has multiple zip pockets on the exterior, making space for everything, essential. It has a padded laptop compartment, with a wide storage solution.

This backpack is ideal for a laptop travel bag.


  • A padded front portion provides extra safety for your belongings.
  • Bottle Holder provided
  • Looks cool & stylish with its leather look


  • The 15-inch laptop can be perfectly fit into the space provided.
  • It is relaxing, and not pure leather.
  1. Waterproof Backpack for College & School Kid – Skybags 26 liters Black Casual Backpack:

Skybags 26 liters Black Casual Backpack

Skybags is a company whose bags are loved mostly by youngsters. It offers quality, style, and affordable prices.

This backpack is made up of Polyester, and it has a capacity of 26 Ltrs.


  • A good looking stylish bag
  • Perfect for school as well as college students.
  • Comfortable and convenient to carry.
  • The quality is quite good.


  • The Skybags seal at the front side seems like it will wear off with time.
  1. Best Waterproof Backpack for Outdoor – Under Armour Casual Backpack:

Under Armour Casual Backpack

Under Armour Casual Backpack is tough, water-resistant, abrasion-resistant with the element battling finish.

This bag uses Storm technology to deliver all of the aforementioned features. Also, it can use for gyms.


  • The bag uses Storm technology for a tough, and hard finish.
  • Smooth & Soft inner lining for keeping the laptop
  • 2 Side pockets for water bottles.
  • Adjustable Heat Gear shoulder straps for 100% comfort and convenience.
  • Large front pocket


  • The surface fabric of the bag is a bit on the medium-quality side.
  • Expensive.

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Bottom Line:

Bottom Line

So here is the list of the Best Waterproof Backpack India. According to your functional needs, you can easily choose one for yourself or even gift them to someone.

Backpacks can be a great gifting option, plus it is a necessary item to carry documents. You can get decent backpacks on all budgets with attractive and amazing offers.


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