No one would ever want to lose their earned money and we all wanted to save it as we could. In this article, we will help you save your money by telling you the Best Ways to Save Money in India

Whether you are a school or a college student, being out of cash is one state which may be experienced by many of us. Saving money will automatically boost your income.

We understand that one can’t avoid the essential expenses but we can optimize the way of spending money. All the hacks will let you save thousands of rupees.

Also, it will be worth investing your time to learn about money-saving ways.

Top 30 Best Ways to Save Money in India:-

These are the simplest ways to help you save plenty of rupees daily, monthly or yearly run-

  1. Chose a Good Savings Account:

Having a good savings account is the Best Way to Save Money in Bank. You can go for a savings account that will provide you a decent interest.

Many new banks have started paying up to 5.5% interest on your amount deposited in the savings account.

A student’s savings account is way too better than a no-frills account. They get the zero-bank facility and regular freebies.

2) Eliminate the Intermediaries:

Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal are selling products at such reasonable prices.

These websites have cut down intermediaries out by which customers can save an ample amount of money.

3) Save Electricity:

Save Electricity

Saving electricity is equal to saving money. Always make sure to turn off the lights or other electrical appliances whenever it is not being used.

However, you should also opt for LED bulb options as they are very cost-efficient.

4) Save Money on Vacation Expenses:

Save Money on Vacation Expenses

You can save thousands of rupees when you are traveling to some other place, be it a hotel room, mode of transport, food expense, ticket booking, etc.

Always use public transport whenever you are traveling rather than taking cabs. Search for budget hotels that are newly opened.

It is also advisable to book your package after checking the price on multiple websites; it will help you save a lot on expenses.

5) Make Monthly Budget:

Make Monthly Budget

It is advisable to track your expenses and maintain a monthly budget to create a balance between your monthly income and expenditures. It is one of the best tips on Money Saving Tips from Indian Housewife.

By keeping track of your cash and bank transactions only for one month. It will let you get an idea of how much you can spend and how much is your savings.

This trick will help you to ensure the number of your fixed expenditures and those which can be avoided.

6) Shop Online:

Shop Online

Shopping online is one of the Best Way to Save Money for Future.

You can always check the option for additional cashback as many products and websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. These sites are offering additional cashback discounts on specific bank’s credit cards.

Compare the prices of the product you have chosen to buy on multiple websites, to get it at the best price.

You can go for an option of Interest-Free EMI or Zero Interest EMI, available on your credit card. Also, try to use payment wallets like Freecharge, Paytm, Mobikwik, and PayU to get additional cashback or instant discount options.

7) Diversify Your Investments:

It is one of the Best Way to Save Money for Future. By opting for various investment options like Fixed Deposits, PO schemes, LIC’s, Mutual Funds, etc.

You will get a return in ELSS, PPF, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Equity Market, and many such investment options that increase the possibility of getting considerable returns.

8) Buy Health Policies:

Buying a health policy can help you avoid those situations when medical fields are very costly.

You may opt for any health policy by comparing the price online on websites like PolicyBazaar, PaisaBazaar, etc.

9) Save Money on Your Vehicle Fuel:

 Save Money on Your Vehicle Fuel

Try to do carpooling or using public transport like bus, metro, or shuttles. It is the perfect job to save your environment as well as your money.

Also, one of the best ways to lessen the traffic.

10) Save Money on Income Tax:

You can save taxes and utilize your income in a better way. You need to check sections like HRA, 80C, 80D, 80E sections.

It is always advisable to discuss and prepare the investment tax savings plan with your CA.

11) Eat Home Cooked Food:

Eat Home Cooked Food

It is not only the Best Ways to Save Money in India but also to keep you fit and healthy. You should take lunch from home to their office.

12) Avoid Debts:

Always prefer using a debit card instead of a credit card as you will never go over-limit and make unnecessary expenditures.

However, maintaining your financial discipline is feasible when you are not using a credit card. By using a debit card, you will know what you’re spending out of what you are having.

13) Say No To Drugs And Addiction:

Say No To Drugs And Addiction

Never get addicted to smoking, drinking, gambling, social media content, or anything that may disturb you in the long run.

These types of addictions will take to heavy toll on your pocket and compel you to crave for more. Moreover, these habits will not only keep your financial but mental and physical well-being.

14) Know how to Bargain:

Bargaining is a skill that you should know where, when, and how to be used. Street-side vendors often quote you the price after adding a lot of premium.

So, by bargain, you may get the stuff at an ideal price.

15) Cashback:


Cashback deals can be earned when you are purchasing any stuff from any website, be it travel, clothing, furniture, or home-decor-related websites.

Sometimes, the cashback is available on a selected debit or credit card through which you will get instant discounts or cashback in your account after some days.

16) DTH Plan:

You try to customize your entire DTH package. You will see the difference in the plan you are already on and the dropping of price in the DTH plan once you customize it.

Also, you can take TV channel packs is going for Hotstar and Amazon Prime packages. You can avail yourself of their yearly packages at an affordable price.

17) Free Facilities to Keep Your Mind Busy:

Numerous free activities are available near your localities such as dance classes, gym, Internet cafes, photography clubs, musical performances, art exhibits, film festivals, theatre productions, dance recitals, sporting events, or free training for various courses.

You can explore any of these activities to make yourself busy.

18) Personal Finance Management:

Personal Finance Management

The concept of Personal Finance Management will help you in keeping track of assets and liabilities. Also on income and expenditures of yours.

19) Try Low-Cost Activities While You Are Socializing:

Instead of spending so much on going out in a 5-star hotel, or an exorbitant mall, you would need to spend lots of money to enjoy those lavish dinners or exclusive parties’ activities.

You could even go for grand house parties. Even, these parties won’t affect your pocket, and it is worth spending some quality time with your friends or family.

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20) Book Travel Tickets in Advance:

The nearer your trip would be, the more expensive you will get the tickets for flight or hotel bookings.

You can save money by planning your trip 2-3 months prior and you may experience quotes at reasonable prices.

21) Funds for Emergencies or Opportunities:

Must keep a savings box like a piggy bank in which you should keep your savings to be prepared for any emergency. This one of the tried n tested Money Saving Tips from Indian Housewife.

You can save that cash out of your income by cutting down your extravagant expenditures.

22) Scholarships:


This option is only for the students who are still in school or college who are excel and score an excellent ranking among other students.

Then you may be even offered a scholarship by your school/college or some external source. This will help you and your parents to save bountiful money in getting your further studies.

23) Pay bills Immediately:

Paying off electricity, phone, or water bills after the due date may charge you a penalty fee. To avoid that penalty and save that money, ensure that all your bills are paid in time.

Even, it will help you to maintain your credit score better and prevent any undue reconnection and disconnection requests.

24) Sales:


You should be aware of the deals and special discount offers through which you would be able to buy the same stuff at a discounted price.

By this, you can save a lot of money and also avail heavy discounts as compared to the products of the established companies.

25) Avoid Food Wastage:

To save your money, you should not waste the food that was getting squandered.

26) Home Tutoring:

Home Tutoring

Being a parent, you can help your child in their studies, especially when they are in school.

At home, tutors charge massive fees per hour, and you can save this money by teaching your kid.

27) Bill Monitoring:

You can check your phone bill, electricity bill, water bill, gas pipeline bill, or any other bills and monthly readings.

You should also keep track of your usage, which will not let you cross your monthly budget.

28) Do Ironing By Own:

The money spent on ironing can be saved regularly or once a week. By devoting some of your time to iron the clothes you wear.

You may not be saving a lot but yes these are small steps for savings.

29) Avail Senior Citizen Perks:

If you are a senior Indian citizen, above 60 years (for male) and 58 years (for female). Then, the Indian Government benefits by granting Rs.2000 to every as a monthly pension.

Even, you may also get an additional discount on railway and airline tickets, medical expenses at selected government hospitals, etc.

30) Sell Old Goods Online:

Sell Old Goods Online

You can also sell your old belongings such as things, books, clothes and earn a good amount of money.

There are many apps on google which you can use to sell goods such as eBay, OLX, and many more.

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So, these were the 30 Best Ways to Save Money in India through which you can maximize your money. By using it judiciously and in the best possible manner.

All of these tactics will certainly help you design an impeccable saving money plan. Moreover, saving money is very easy when you know the correct way to achieve it.


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