LG G4 is the latest flagship Android smartphone from the LG brand. To give this smartphone protection, you need to have the best Caseology LG G4 for it. These cases will make the phone looks even better and add functionality without adding a bunch of bulk to the phone.

This smartphone features a 5.5-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels that helps in better color accuracy and contrast. It has a 16 MP rear-facing camera with a laser autofocus feature, a ½.6 inch sensor size, and a faster f/1.8 lens.

With all these latest features, it is one of the best cameras on a smartphone.

Here are the top 12 best Caseology LG G4.

Top 12+ Caseology LG G4:

#1. Spigen Slim Armor LG G4 Case:

Spigen Slim Armor LG G4 Case

Spigen Slim Armor LG G4 Case is available in 3 colors. It uses air cushion technology to keep your smartphone safe from drops and bumps.

This case comes with a built-in kickstand for your convenience.

#2. i-Blason Halo Series:

i-Blason Halo Series

i-Blason focuses on protecting that beautiful leather backing or dimpled design battery cover while still showing off their design.

It has an anti-scratch material means that the case can take a licking and keep on looking great.

#3. Diztronic Full Matte Soft Touch Case:

Diztronic Full Matte Soft Touch Case

Diztronic Full Matte Soft Touch Case comes in a sexy Matte Black, Matte Charcoal Gray, or Matte Navy Blue. It looks great and also helps prevent fingerprints from showing up on your case.

This case will fit both leather and ceramic battery covers that come on the LG G4.

Plus, it is incredibly thin, and it’s made out of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which means it’s flexible but durable too.

#4. Caseology Daybreak Series:

Caseology Daybreak Series

Caseology Daybreak series is a bit more of a glossy option that is made out of the same TPU material. It is durable and flexible too.

There is a lip over the front of the screen to protect it in case of falls. Plus, it focuses on making sure all ports and buttons are easily accessible.

#5. JD Slim Cushion:

JD Slim Cushion

JD Slim Cushion cases are very slim TPU rubber skin. Its design makes it one of the slimmest options.

Plus, it adds grip and protects against scratches and scrapes, rather than a case with lots of protection from falling.

This case adds zero bulk to your phone while making it easier to hold and more fashionable.

#6. CasesByLorraine Wood Print Hard Case:

CasesByLorraine Wood Print Hard Case

This Wood Print Hard Case by CasesByLorraine is pretty light and a hard plastic case that is designed to look like wood.

There are 20 different designs to choose from ranging from simple to complicated.

#7. Verus Layered Dandy Series Wallet Case:

Verus Layered Dandy Series Wallet Case

Verus Layered Dandy Series Wallet Case is a classy, simple, and elegantly designed case that looks like real leather. It is designed to be as snug as possible, so this won’t work with the leather backings that come on some LG G4s.

This Wallet Case has a magnetic clip and also slips three cards in the case for going out on the town. It is available in Coffee Brown, Black, or Wine Red.

#8. ULAK Shockproof Rubber Case:

ULAK Shockproof Rubber Case

ULAK Shockproof Rubber Case is the perfect combination of protection and a design that is guaranteed to catch people’s eye.

There are 9 color combinations and designs for the Shockproof Rubber case. Its design features a soft inner shell, hard outer case, and bumper to make sure your phone gets protected.

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#9. Verus Layered Dandy LG G4 Wallet Case Cover:

Verus Layered Dandy LG G4 Wallet Case Cover

The Verus Layered Dandy LG G4 Wallet Case Cover comes with a patterned finish that looks great in hand. This Wallet Case Cover comes in 3 colors.

#10. Supcase Unicorn Beetle LG G4 Case:

Supcase Unicorn Beetle LG G4 Case

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle LG G4 Case has a shock-absorbing bumper frame that protects the smartphone from accidental drops. It looks attractive with a two-tone accent.

This case is available in 6 different bumper colors.

#11i-Blason LG G4 Belt Clip Swivel Holster Case:

i-Blason LG G4 Belt Clip Swivel Holster Case

The i-Blason LG G4 Belt Clip Swivel Holster Case is a heavy-duty rugged smartphone case.

It is equipped with a locking belt clip swivel holster along with a kickstand. This Case is available in 3 colors.

#12. Evocel LG G4 Armor Protector Case:

Evocel LG G4 Armor Protector Case

The Evocel LG G4 Armor Protector Case is lightweight. This Armor Protective Case is available in 6 colors.

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Final Thoughts:

Final Thought

With all these protective Caseology LG G4 your smartphone gets protected. You can also give your G4 a different look, or extend its battery life.

There are plenty of options to choose from without breaking your bank. These are the best LG G4 cases and covers from which you can choose the best for you.


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