Afer android phones, the iPhone is a popular smartphone worldwide. There are several peoples of the USA are utilizing this phone. The users are increasing daily because of their best services and facilities.

But, in most cases, we have formatted or deleted saved photos from our iPhone when storage is full. That’s why the saved files get erased and later we will start struggling from losing stored data.

iPhone: Little information


The most famous company Apple was manufactured the iPhone which is a popular smartphone.

The operating system has included on all iPhones’ boost up the speed of installed applications and browses any webpage.

Via Safari or Google Chrome, the users can get a lot of facilities and never they will face the issue of slow working or play online games.

It’s having our platform where the user can easily download an application or can upgrade OS.

Here, we provide an awesome trick to get very easily solve the problem of photos deletion from all iPhone models.

So, here we have an amazing guide to get easily solve the issue, How to Delete Photos from iPhone? In just a few simple steps.


How to Delete Photos from iPhone (Step by Step Guide):


Let’s see, if any smartphone or iPhone users have once received the message of storage then they will first clear or delete some data.


Major Benefits of Data or Photos Deletion on iPhone:


Major Benefits of Data or Photos Deletion on iPhone
Major Benefits of Data or Photos Deletion on iPhone



Every iPhone user can utilize them to click the high quality of photos, record videos, download or store high quality of media as well.


But they are taking space they can work with them properly. Check out the benefits of Photo or Data Deletion on iPhone:


  • Your iPhone gets very fast responding and also stop freezing also.
  • You can store media files or photos freely on them.
  • Run all installed applications very quickly.
  • Get bet experience of browsing your iPhone smartly.

Follow the below steps to get very easily Delete Photos on iPhone:


We have mentioned all the necessary steps to easily clear or delete saved photos on the iPhone. Check out below steps:

Step 1. First of you need to restart your iPhone or smartphone properly.

Step 2. Then after, you need to “Open Photo Application” on your iPhone.

Open Photo Application on iPhone
   Open Photo Application on iPhone

Step 3. Now, you have to “Go to the Albums Tab” where you will get all stored photos or media.

Step 4. you should require to “Choose All Saved Photos” in the gallery.

Step 5. Now, you need to again “Tap on Select Option” which is at the upper right corner.

Step 6. Then after that, you require to “Select One by One Photo” on the camera.

Select One by One Photo
Select One by One Photo

Tip: If you once swipe by your finger to vertically then all saved files or photos get select automatically.

Another way, if you swipe horizontally on the iPhone screen then the files get also selected automatically by using your own finger.


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Step 7. You will Observe all “CheckBox with Tick Mark Sign” are now selected. Deselect the photos that you want to don’t to erase.

Step 8. At the right corner, you will “Get Delete Icon” and you have to “Tap on Them“.

Get Delete Icon
        Get Delete Icon

Step 9. Remember, a pop-up will always pop-up on your iPhone screen. Where you should have to properly the correction option. The options will display are:

  • Delete Photos from iCloud
  • Delete Photos from Photo Stream
  • Or Any other Album as Well. 

Tip: Here, you just need to “Tap on Delete Photos” by pressing the “#” button to confirm the delete of selected picture pr photos.

Tap on Delete Photos
              Tap on Delete Photos

So, that’s all. If you have done the above-mentioned steps properly without missing any step. Then, you will definitely solve this problem.

Later, your iPhone storage space will clear out and you smoothly browse your iPhone.

How to Delete Bulk Photos on Your iPhone

(In Simple Few Steps)?


Every picture pr photos captured by the iPhone then they will be saved on the gallery with their date, location, and time as well.

But, do we think that, if we want to delete entire or bulk photos, then How it is Possible?


it is an amazing answer especially for you…


We have concluded a few simple steps that you should need to follow properly and we have mentioned below:

Step 1. Again you Should need to “Access or Open Photos App” on your iPhone. The app will appear at the bottom of the app menu bar.

Step 2. your iPhone shows your current date photos. You need to “Tap on Blue Arrow Button” which is available at the left upper corner.

Tap on Blue Arrow Button
Tap on Blue Arrow Button

Step 3. Now, your iPhone later brings you to next the place where the other year of photos. You must need to choose or again “Tap on Arrow Button” which is at the upper left corner.

Step 4. Then, here you will easily navigate to all the years of photos with the cluster. “Tap on Cluster of Year” from the year of photos.

An example is shown below,

watch and do that…

Tap on Cluster of Year
Tap on Cluster of Year

Step 5. Right now, your screen displaying the images or photos of the cluster where mention date, time, and also location.

Step 6.  Once you enter into that selected cluster. Then you will get a list of photos where you should again “Choose or Tap on Select Option” which is at the right corner.

Choose or Tap on Select Option
Choose or Tap on Select Option

Step 7. Again, you will see on the right side of the date section, “You have to Choose Select” from them properly. Also, check the selected photos or pictures from that particular date as well.

You have to Choose Select
You have to Choose Select

Step 8. You will get the delete button at the bottom right corner of the open page. “Tap on Blue Delete Icon” properly on them.

Tap on Blue Delete Icon

Yeah, you have done it. All stored photos or pictures are bulkily deleted or erased from the iPhone and your storage space gets raised.

Final Thought:

iPhone is nowadays also upgrading with both hardware and software as well. Most of the users used to capture photos, other purposes also. But, due to the high quality of photos take a large space on the phone.

So, we have provided the best solution for, How to Delete Photos from iPhone in just a very simple step. Remember, that doesn’t miss any single steps while doing or following the above-given steps.

After completing the above steps, your problem will get short out and the photos get erased from the iPhone.


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