Ramayana is the Story of the legends of Lord Rama. Even, the male and Female Characters in Ramayana are not just historical characters; they are part of life too.

Ramayana is the story of the Supreme of Maryada Purshottam Shree Rama. It sings the praise of the epitome of Womanhood as well. Be it Sita or Anusuya or Mandodari, it tells the story of great Rishikas and Queens.

These female characters are the source of inspiration, for their courage, strong, devoted and knowledge. Ramayana of Ramananda Sagar is one of the best TV series ever made in the story.

In this post, a prominent List of Female Characters in Ramayana and the ladies who made them alive on Ramayana with their acting skills.

12 Female Characters in Ramayana:-

  1. Sita:


This Mahakavya is about the glory of Sita and Rama. Sita is the consort of Rama an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

The ever pure, courageous, caring, and devoted is her divine character and her devotion to her husband makes her an ideal woman.

Even, after being kidnapped by Lankapati Ravana, Sita didn’t lose her hope, she patiently waited for Lord Rama.

  1. Kaushayla:


The Queen of Ayodhya and the devoted wife of King Dasharatha is the mother of Shree Rama. She is the beloved wife of King with her virtues.

  1. Kaikeyi:


Kaikeyi has no parallel, because of her courage, boldness, and firmness. She is the favorite queen of King Dashratha and she is one of the Negative Female Characters in Ramayana.

She has some insecurities and asked the king to send Rama into exile, Rama looked upon her as her mother.

  1. Sumitra:


The third Queen and mother of Lakshamana and Shatrugahna. She is the wife of King Dasharatha and other Female Characters in Ramayana.

She has a calm attitude and patient behavior.

  1. Mandodari:


The righteous Queen of Lanka and devoted, loving wife of Ravana. She is a majestic and virtuous lady.

Her sufferings are within the palace of golden Lanka. But she never ceased to show the path of truth and wisdom to her husband.

  1. Urmila:


The sacrifice of Urmila, Lakshamana’s wife is too great to express. When Lakshamana followed Rama and Sita for exile, it was Urmila.

She is the caring and beloved daughter of king Janaka, who stayed to look after Mothers at Ayodhya.

  1. Mandvi:


The sister of Sita, daughter of King Janaka, and wife of Bharat.

She is another epitome of sacrifice Female Characters in Ramayana who spent 14 years of exile in the Ayodhya. When Bharat went for penance in the absence of Rama.

  1. Trijata:


In the time of distress at Ashoka Vatika, when Ravana abducted Sita. She is tried to lure her in all the ways, this Rakshasi soothed Sita all the way.

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  1. Shabari:


The devotion and austerity of the old lady who waited for Lord to come to her place. She is full of emotion and love and offers the fruits after tasting to Lord Rama and his brother.

Even, she fulfilled her desire to serve Rama.

  1. Sulochana:


The virtuous wife of Meghanada and daughter-in-law of Ravana showed her firmness and will, to go to Lord.

She asks for her deceased husband’s head who was killed by Lakshamana.

  1. Manthara:


The Queen Kaikeyi’s maid is the old hunchbacked woman who instigated Kaikeyi. She reminded her of the promises that King did long ago.

She also played Negative Female Characters in Ramayana.

  1. Shurpankha:


The widowed sister of Ravana is the first to tell Ravana about the beautiful Sita.

After her marriage proposal was rejected by both Lord Rama and Lakshamana. She is one of the Negative Female Characters in Ramayana.

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Sum It Up:

Sum It Up

These Female Characters in Ramayana are a part of the original epic however, were not included in the reel version.

Other women of great importance are Anusuya, the Wife of Sage Atri, who is considered Mahasati. She also gave lessons to Sita on Stree Dharma.

Ahalya, the peerless beauty, was the wife of Sage Gautama, who became stone after the curse of his husband. She got over the curse when Lord Rama touched the stone with his feet.


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