Everyone is well known about the tet message application on their smartphone. Here, we will solve out, How to Block Text Messages on an Android and iPhone.

One of the easy and the best method to easily send or communicate with the saved contacts is a text message. An application Message has already inbuilt installed on our android as well iPhone that helps us.

But, if anyone hurt us by sending too many messages daily then we think to block them. Many users can’t get success to solve this issue and in the end, they didn’t do the settings.

So, our experts have an amazing trick to instantly block all unwanted incoming messages on the android or iOs devices. So, let’s get started now…

What is a Text Message?

What is a Text Message

At the Google Play Store application, we have a lot of features texting applications available. All the applications have different features where we can text, emojis, GIFs, etc.

There is only one application that has already installed on our phone which is the “Message” app. We can able to create a group of saved contacts on them.

Via this application, we didn’t require any web data to send or receive any text messages. But there are little issues arrises on them while using it in on the smartphone.


In most cases, the users have really got irritated from unknown or number and don’t want to receive messages many more. Thus, we have covered all the necessary steps and tricks to immediately block’s someone upcoming text’s message.


How to Block Text Messages on Your Android?


How to Block Text Messages on Your Android


Let see, there are several types of android models are available in the market. We never identified which user has which type of android model.


Here, we will cover the solution with Samsung, OnePlus, Google Phone, HTC, and many more. Thus, the users don’t need to worry about it and move on to them quickly.


How to Block Texts on Google Pixel?


How to Block Texts on Google Pixel


Google Pixels are one of the best and ultra-advanced types of android phones. Due to its best processor, the user is very less time facing the freezing or hanging issue.


So, let’s move on how to block texts on google pixel? Many Google Pixels users are coming in trouble to stop receiving unwanted messages. So, we have mentioned all the necessary steps which are given below:


Step 1. The users first need to “Access Message App” on the Google android phone.


Step 2. Then you should have to “Open Any Saved Contact’s Messages” then hold on.


Step 3. On the existing page of the phone, “Need to Tap on Three Vertical Dots” which is more option.


Step 4. Now, here several options will appear on the screen, you must have to “Tap on Block & Report Spam” option.


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That’s it, Google phone users have successfully solved, how to block texts on google pixel issue? This is a very simple and easy trick to block someone’s incoming messages manually.


How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Phone?


How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Phone



The process is a little bit similar to Google Phones. There is the only thing can be different interfaces will get by the users. So, reach to, how to block text messages on Samsung:


Step 1. First of all close running apps then “Open Message App” on their Samsung android phone.


Step 2. Here, you once reach the message header and instantly “Tap on the More Option“.


Step 3. There will again options come on the screen and need to “Tap on Setting” option.


Step 4. Then after, you will need to do “Tap on the Block Message” then proceed to the next step.


Step 5. Finally, hee you will be either “Choose Manually Saved Contacts” otherwise you will need to “Tap on the Plus Sign” option.


Yup, that it. You have finally done it on your phone. It is also very simple and easy steps. But always remember don’t miss any step when you start blocking a contact on the phone. We will hope users have short out, how to block text messages on Samsung issue.


How to Block Text Messages on iPhone 8 or iPhone?


How to Block Text Messages on iPhone 8 or iPhone


On the other hand, iPhone users are getting in trouble because android users can smoothly block any number. But, the iPhone has a completely different function and it having steps to block any saved contact. 


Check out below steps now:


Step 1. Firstly, the users must be required to “Go to the Message Application” of their iPhone 8 or another version.


Go to the Message Application

Step 2. Now, here you should have properly “Search and Tap on Saved Number” or contacts.


Search and Tap on Saved Number

Remember: Before choosing any saved number or contact you need to check the number. Otherwise, that number will not more save on the phone and also not receiving any texts or calls as well.

Step 3. On the open screen on iPhone, you have required to “Tap on the “i” icon then after that, “Tap on the Number of Contacts“. Choose the number that you want to really block or don’t receiving any text message much more.

Tap on the i icon

Step 4. Here, you have to follow quick steps now; “Properly Choose Block This Caller” option and finally, “Block” option.

Properly Choose Block This Caller and Tap on Block

yeah, you have also solved, how to block text messages on iPhone 8 or iPhone. Now, the iPhone users don’t worry about that blocked person or unknown number.

How to Block Text Messages on LG Phone?


How to Block Text Messages on LG Phone


LG phone users are also increasing because of their demands. So, here we have covered all the necessary steps to solve out, How to Block Text Messages on LG Phone? Check out below steps quickly:


Step 1. Here, again the users must need to “Access or Open App of Message” on the LG phone.


Step 2. Now, you will either “Choose MMS or SMS” message option which you have to block.


Step 3. At the upper right corner, here you have to “Tap or Click on the Three Dots Option“.


Step 4. Finally, here you again need to quickly “Click or Tap on Block Number” which will get confirmed to block.


Thus, in future will never ever receive any text message or calls from that block contact number. 


How to Block Computerized messages on Android?


How to Block Computerized messages on Android


Most of the branded companies running the campaign of advertising text messages to their targeted visitors. Then, in that situation, the android users always receive a message from the common name. 


The types of messages are generated by the computer and the once set to send. hen it will automatically send the text messages.


So, here we have also got the answer for, how to block computerized messages on android? It is also pretty easy to block those types of text SMS. Follow below messages:


Step 1. The users first need to “Open Message Application” on the android phone.


Step 2. Then after that, “Access the Compuratized” message and wait on there.


Step 3. Here, you should require “Tap on the I Option” which is at the upper left corner.


Step 4. Now, here you will get all the detail and you should need to “Tap on the I Options” again.


Step 5. Finally, enable the option “Block” and that’s it. you have done the complete and you will not get the message from those types or computerized.

How to Block Text Messages Via TrueCaller Application?



How to Block Text Messages Via TrueCaller Application


Truecaller is of the best application of an android that where we get the same features just like of message app. Here, the user gets an additional feature is that they will easily check out any unknown numbers. 


This application is truly developed with the ultra-advanced feature where we can easily any upcoming unknown calls. Not only this but also, we able to chat, create a call, receive calls, and do many more things.


In this platform, if any spam call is coming on your then you will easily notify that on the phone’s screen. But, here you should require an internet connection to browse this amazing application on your phone.


Now, follow up the below steps to do block text messages via TrueCaller application:


Step 1. First of all download, the application from Google Play Store is “TreuCaller“.


Step 2. After complete installation, you should need to move on the registration process.


Step 3. Here, you need to “Need to Chose Google” account for registering an account on the TrueCaller application.


Step 4. Now, once you have log-in into them then it will show you all received messages, calls, contacts, etc.


Step 5.Go the Message” section of the application TrueCaller then it will show all stored messages.


Step 6. Now, “Choose and Tap on the Received Message Number” where it will show you all unwanted messages.


Step 7.Tap on the Three Dots” which is at the upper right corner of the open page.


Step 8. The options “Block & Delete Conversations” option will appear.


Finally, the “Tap on the Block” option and all the coming messages from that unknown contact get stopped. This method is very simpler for all users who want to block text messages on the TrueCaller application.


Take Away:





Android phones and iPhones, both are the most demandable smartphones today now. iPhone has the super awesome function of its iOS or operating system.


That’s why the iPhone users will never ever face a slow working issue on their phone. But on the other, Android phones having large ROM then the user will get an awesome experience.


Here, the users can easily run the applications on the android just by download from Google Play Store. But, there is a problem that has occurred is, How to Block Text Messages on iPhone or Android?


If we take an android phone then there are several types of android phones in the market. Thus, we have covered the solution with Google’s Android phone, LG phone, and Samsung phone as well.


Thus, we will hope that android users have mostly the same functions. the above methods mentioned in the above paragraph is helpful for them.


We have also provided the easy steps to short out block text messages on iPhone 8 or other iPhone’s smoothly. Such that, the iPhone lovers haven’t required to worry about this problem.


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