As we know that, the peoples are really looking for the place where they can easily apply for vaccines. So, here we give you live 6 simple steps that help you to solve the problem “How to Book Vaccine Slot on Whatsapp“.

how to book vaccine slot on whatsapp

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The easy way to chat with the Whatsapp number is “9013151515“. It is created by Government to easily book slots on here.

How to Book Vaccine Slot on Whatsapp (Quickly Book in 6 Steps):

There are so many peoples are suffering from the pandemic of Coroa. So, here are the easy and simple steps that will help to solve the problem of “How to Book Vaccine Slot on Whatsapp”:

Step 1. The users must need to Save “9013151515” on their mobile instantly.

Save Number on Whatsapp

Step 2. Then after that, the users just need to “Type & Send Book Slot” Message. At that time, they will “Send An OPT” to your number. “Copy That OPT” and quickly “Reply on Them“.

type book slot and send

Step 3. The bot will automatically display “Name of Individual” That is “Registered on COWIN With Number“.

Registered COWIN

Step 4. Next process, “User Must Require to Type Needer’s Number” to “Book Vaccine Slot“. Then the bots will automatically “Display the Details of the Last Vaccination“.

Booked Vaccination Name

Step 5. On the other hand, You should require to “Type Pin Code on Search Bar“, the bot will ask you “Are You looking for Free Or Paid” Vaccination”.

Status Code of Vaccination

Step 6. Finally, “Choose Area Pin Codeaccording to their location and date where you can do it. The slot will be booked and this way to very easily solve the issue of “How to Book Vaccine Slot“.

¬†All the above-provided steps are very beneficial steps that are very useful for the user who wants to vaccinate. So, don’t try to miss out on above mentioned provided steps, if you missed then the problem “How to Book Slot” will not be resolved from your side.


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