If you are a Mac user and want to change the font size of file names, folders, and other text in Finder. Then you must read this article on How to Change Font Size in Finder on Mac Book Air.

Those Users who have weak eyesight can benefit as some default text size of Finder fonts is very small and difficult to read. By adjusting the font size you can see the Finder font size on Mac.

Important Note: The default text size of Finder items is 12 can be decreased to 10, and the increased maximum is up to 16.

How to Change Font Size in Finder on Mac Book Air:

Step 1:- First, choose the folder that contains files.

Step 2:- Then, tap on the menu and click on Show View Options.

Text Size drop-down menu

Step 3:- Next, find the Text Size drop-down menu.

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Step 4:- After this, select the text size you want to keep. Click on the Use as Default button seen under the same navigation panel.

Use as Default

From this, the font size can be adjusted in all other Finder windows. Even, you can ‘Use as Default’ to change in a text size only in that particular folder within Finder.


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