If you want to find check how old your mobile phone is using the IMEI, Serial Number, dialer code, and apps. Then, here in this post, we will show you about How to Check OnePlus Mobile Activation Date.

There is still one way to check the activation date of your Oneplus Smartphone. Then, the IMEI activation date of a mobile phone is the same as its activation date.

Whether you own a device from Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, Vivo, Realme, Nokia, Motorola, Asus, or Oppo, it’s very easy to check the activation date of any Android phone or tablet.

Whenever you activated your smartphone by inserting a SIM card and then register it with a Google account. Thus, if you want to check how old your phone is, then it can be determined on two factors: its manufacturing date, and the activation date.

If you bought your device from an online store, you can check your order history to know about the date you ordered and received it. You can search in your Email inbox using the device name keyword.

How to Check OnePlus Mobile Activation Date – 3 Methods:

METHOD #1- Check the Oneplus Activation Date:

To check the mobile activation date of your OnePlus smartphone, then you can check your Google Account.

As whenever you activate your device and as soon as we insert a SIM in it and sign with a Google account. Then, Google keeps a record of the date whenever your phone starts.

Via Google Dashboard:-

Step 1: Firstly, open your Google Account Dashboard by clicking the link on your mobile.

Step 2: Then, click on the Android card under your Google services section.

Step 3: After that, there you will find the activation date of your Oneplus Mobile right below the device name.

Via Google Dashboard

Via Google Play Store:

Also, you can check the unboxing date of an Android device via the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Firstly, open the Play Store Settings page on your smartphone.

Step 2: Then, you’ll see the registration date under the My Devices section, and here is the activation date of your Android phone or tablet.

Google Play Store

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METHOD #2- Check Phone Activation Date by IMEI:

You can use the OEM’s Phone Check service to get all information about your phone including its activation date and time by entering the IMEI number. You can also check its warranty status simply by providing the IMEI.

check your phone’s activation date

To check your phone’s activation date using its IMEI follow these steps:-

Step 1: Visit imei.info by clicking the link.

Step 2: After that, enter your phone’s IMEI in the box that says ‘Enter IMEI‘.

Step 3: Click on the Check button and this will show you all the basic information about your device, click on the Warranty Check button.

Alternatively, you can go to IMEI24 to check the purchase and IMEI activation date of your Oneplus smartphone.

METHOD #3. Cross-Check Phone’s Details on the Manufacturer’s Site:

Oneplus lets you find the phone’s warranty, activation date, and other information by the phone’s IMEI or serial number. You can verify whether the phone is genuine or not by going to the warranty check page on the manufacturer’s site (links below).

Enter your IMEI number or serial number and then you can check when the phone was activated.

find the phone’s warranty, activation date

If the manufacturer’s website says that it’s been already activated in the past- it’s probably a used or refurbished device.

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Wrap It Up:

Wrap It Up

This is all about How to Check OnePlus Mobile Activation Date with these 3 Practical methods. We hope that you can find the details of your smartphone.


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