If you’re buying a used phone or simply curious when your phone was made and you might wonder if there’s a way to figure out How to Check When I Bought My Phone. In this post, you can easily find out when a phone was launched.

Every manufacturer is different, as there are a few areas you can check or attempt to figure out how old your phone is.

List of the Ways How to Check When I Bought My Phone:

  • Check the box
  • Settings
  • Use a third-party app
  • Manufacturing codes
  • Good ol’ Google

Let’s have a look at them in detail.

#1. Check your Box:

Check your Box

Some manufacturers include the manufacturer’s date right on the box. Just turn the box over and look for the “date.”

#2. In the Settings:


Some phones include the manufacturer’s date in the settings under About Phone. While your serial number might be hiding this information.

#3. Try using an App:

Try using an App

On the Google Play store, you can look for a phone info app. These applications can pull off information from serial numbers, IMEI codes, and other things.

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#4. Manufacturing Codes:

If you didn’t find it on the box, in the settings, or through an app, then you can try it by using manufacturing codes. These codes are that they are typically not just OEM specific, but can even be model specific.

Manufacturing Codes

You can enter the “*#197328640#*” or “*#*#197328640#*#*” into the dialer (without quotation marks). This will then open a service menu and then go into Menu Version Information > Hardware Versions > Read Manufacturing Date.

While You’ll to look up your specific manufacturer code via Google by using the code “*#0000#” on the dialer.

#5. Google can Help you Find Out:

Google can Help you Find Out

You can check Google by adding your serial number or a specific model to see if the search giant pulls up any interesting details.

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In this post, we try to cover every possible way How to Check When I Bought My Phone.

You can follow any of the above methods to check your phone’s purchase date with these step-by-step processes.


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