The key feature of Android is that it is open source. This source code for the full operating system, including the kernel, UI, libraries, and key apps, is available for free. Thus, read out this post on the How to Create Custom ROM For Android From Scratch.

You can build Android from the source and flash it onto a compatible device. This flexibility has allowed the development of alternative distributions of Android. Even, it is commonly referred to as “custom ROMs” however a better name would be “custom firmware.”

However, all the necessary building blocks are available; maybe you have wondered How to Build a Custom ROM From Source, your personalized version of Android.

Tips & Tricks: How to Create Custom ROM For Android From Scratch:

Step 1:- Set up a Build Environment:

Ubuntu 14.04 is the recommended build environment for Linux users and OS X 10.11 for Mac users. While you need to install OpenJDK 8 on Linux and Oracles JDK 8 on OS X. On OS X you need Macports installed along with Xcode and the Xcode command-line tools.

Step 2:- Grab the Source:

This is an easy step, while takes a long time. Sync the main source tree will be incremental.

Step 3:- Obtain Proprietary Binaries:

After that, the binary drivers should be unpacked in your working directory.

Obtain proprietary binaries

Step 4:- Choose a target: 

For the Nexus 5X use aosp_bullhead-user.

Step 5:- Start the build:

You start the build using make by GNU that can handle parallel tasks with a –jN argument. It’s common to many tasks N that’s between 1 and 2 times the number of hardware threads on the computer being used for the build.

If you find your machine struggles during the build process then try something like “make -j2”.

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However, if you get build errors that seem related to memory, especially about the Jack server and memory then do these two things:

  • export ANDROID_JACK_VM_ARGS=”-Xmx4g -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -XX:+TieredCompilation”
  • change the jack.server.max-service in $HOME/.jack-server/ to 1

After that, if you change any of the Jack server configuration stuff then you need to kill the Jack server and run the make again.

Then, use ./prebuilts/SDK/tools/jack-admin kill-server to stop the Jack server.

Moreover, if you get any communications errors relating to the Jack server then just start the build again, that normally fixes it.

Then, flash the build onto your device. You will find adb and fastboot in ./out/host/darwin-x86/bin/ or ./out/host/darwin-x86/bin/ for OS X or Linux respectively.

Step 6:- Flash It:

After the successful build and you have flashed it onto your device using “fastboot flashall -w” then reboot your device.

Flash it

In that order, you have managed to build Android from its source code and flash it onto a device.

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wrap it up

We hope that this has given you an idea about How to Create Custom ROM For Android From Scratch and tinker with the innards of Android.


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