Whenever we import slo-mo videos directly onto your computer and it doesn’t appear to work. This happens due to the way the iPhone plays back some videos. Thus, to learn How to Export Slow Motion Video From iPhone to PC, you must check this article.

The video shot in “slo-mo” is shot at 120 frames per second, which is a typically higher frame rate than a normal video recording.

When you playback that video at 30 fps, the videos would appear to be playing in smooth slow motion because there are 4 times the frames to display.

Especially, when you playback a video the iPhone is converting the selected section of the 120fps video into 30fps, giving it the slow-motion effect. Plus, the whole video COULD be watched at a normal speed with no problem.

Whenever you import the file onto your computer, it is just a 120fps video file and converts it to 30fps. That’s why it appears as if it “lost” the slo-mo when it’s playing in its native 120fps.

Therefore, you can easily restore that effect with almost any video editing software by slowing down the video. With your iPhone, you just have to do it manually.

How to Export Slow Motion Video From iPhone to PC:

Method 1- By using iMessage:-

By using iMessage

You can iMessage your video from your phone to your Mac without any considerable quality loss.

Method 2- With the Help of iMove:-

Step 1- For such, open iMovie, and load your slow-mo video in a project, with no need for filters or text, etc.

Step 2- Go to your export screen, and select the upload button.

Step 3- Then, scroll down and select: “keep video” or “Save file” and save it in 720p.

Step 4- Whenever you connect your phone to the computer you can see it as an extra drive “Internal storage” and select it.

With the Help of iMove:

Step 5- Go into the DCIM folder and select the subfolder and folder is saved videos from iMovie go.

Step 6- After all this, drag and drop the folder when you’re done.

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Method 3- Send by Airdrop:-

Send by Airdrop

While if this option didn’t work, then you may try this:-

Step 1- Sending via airdrop from the photos app on iPhone to Mac. By this, the framerate is changed to around 40-60fps.

Step 2- Then, upload the video to dropbox or cloud changes the framerate to 30 fps.

Step 4- After this, export videos from Photos on Mac mini and save them to iCloud Drive.

Step 5- Then downloading them on my Mac Pro to edit also changes the framerate in the file.

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Here are some of the ways that you could opt to learn How to Export Slow Motion Video From iPhone to PC.


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