Many of us may encounter situations in which our iPhones become grey. As if we are watching black and white TV or maybe the iPhone turns grey after you update the iOS system. Don’t worry! This article will give expression to what the iPhone grey screen is, why it is showing a grey screen, and How to Fix Grey Screen on iPhone for all.

It is very common for iPhone to appear grey screen and disappear and recur. but, it can be easily solved by these 6 solutions.

Why Does the Grey Screen Be Shown on iPhone?

Before we start, let’s know what the iPhone grey screen is? This Grey screen means the screen appears pure black and pure white or the intermediate color of black and white.

These are the reasons why the iPhone screen can become grey can be:

  1. You may have accidentally clicked the Home button three times which may turn it into the grayscale mode without realizing it.
  2. Your iOS may also have a bug or malfunction that causes the issue after a system update.
  3. You may turn the grayscale mode on which is in Display Accommodations of accessibility settings.

6 Solutions- How to Fix Grey Screen on iPhone:

Basically, there are 6 ways to solve iPhone Screen Gray and Unresponsive problem by using the following ways:

#1. Professional tools like TunesKit iOS System Recovery

#2. Factory resetting your iPhone

#3. Restoring your iPhone through iTunes

#4. Checking if the grayscale mode is enabled

#5. Force restarting your iPhone

#6. Updating the device to the latest version.

Let’s move into the solution.

Solution #1. Factory Reset Your iPhone:

When the grey screen on iPhone occurs, a factory reset can fix the problem on iPhone. It can remove some settings that cause the grey screen.

  • To factory reset your iPhone, go to Settings.
  • Then the General, and next to the Reset. Finally, Erase all Contents and Settings.
  • Now, enter the device’s passcode when prompted and click on “Erase iPhone” to complete this process.

Factory Reset Your iPhone

Important Note:- This method will remove all data of your iPhone, so you must take backup data before you factory reset your iPhone.

Solution #2. Restore Your iPhone by iTunes:

You can try to restore your iPhone in iTunes to resolve this issue by following the following steps:

  • Go to iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • After that, click the iPhone icon when the iPhone appears in iTunes successfully.
  • Now, tap on the “Restore iPhone” in the column of Summary.
  • After all, that, click on “Restore” again to make sure the process works well. From this, iTunes will restore the device connected to the factory settings.

Restore Your iPhone by iTunes

Solution #3. Check to See If the Grayscale Mode is Enabled:

There is a chance when you managed to turn on the grayscale mode accidentally in which can also cause the grey screen error. You can follow these simple steps to turn it off.

  • Firstly, open the settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap General the option and click on Accessibility.

click on Accessibility

  • After that, click on the Display Accommodations and click on Color Filters.
  • Switch it off if the grayscale mode is enabled and forced to restart your iPhone.

click on Color Filters

  • Force restarting your iPhone can also help you by simply tapping and holding the power and volume down buttons until the Apple logo appears.

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Solution #5. Update Your iPhone to the Latest Version:

Updating your iPhone to the latest version can remove some bugs that lead to the problem of a grey screen. To update your iPhone, the following steps are needed.

  • Open the settings and click “General“.
  • Then, go to the “Software Update“.
  • To update your iPhone, click “Download and Install” to finish the process.

Update Your iPhone to the Latest Version

Solution #6. Fix iPhone Grey Screen with Professional iOS System Recovery Tools:

If your iPhone keeps a recurring grey screen and you have tried every possible means to repair it. Then, it may be because the iOS system goes wrong, causing the grey screen mode to turn on unexpectedly.

In such a problem, you have to use professional iOS system recovery tools such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery, software to get rid of the iPhone grey screen problem.

To use the iOS System Recovery Tools to fix iPhone grey screen issue, you need to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, open TunesKit iOS System Recovery for Windows and connect your iPhone till it’s detected.

Fix iPhone Grey Screen with Professional iOS System Recovery Tools

  • Then, click on the “Start” button. Next, choose the “Standard Mode” and “Next“. Let your device is into DFU mode and clicks on the “Next” button.
  • This application will download the firmware package matched to your device. You have to make sure the device info is correct, including the model version, iOS version, etc.
  • Then, click on the “Download” and it will start downloading and verifying the firmware.
  • When the firmware has been downloaded successfully, you just click the “Repair” button. This program will automatically begin to fix your iPhone.

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Bottom Line:

Bottom Line

These methods are all about How to Fix Grey Screen on iPhone, which is arranged from simplicity to difficulty.

But you can also lose the data while fixing this problem. Thus, it is highly suggested you take back up of your data.

Even, you can simply try some third-party iOS system recovery tools, such as TunesKit, which can fix the problem of the iPhone grey screen without any data loss.


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