With your Vivo Y15 video call, you can keep in touch with family members and friends who are far away or have work meetings. Thus, here are the tips and tricks How to Make Video Call on Vivo Y15.

Teleworking is increasingly popular or for situations of confinement at home for reasons of public health in addition to keeping a virtual date before meeting in person.

With the Vivo Y15, you can make video calls comfortably because of its screen Capacitive touchscreen 16M colors of 480 x 854 pixels and resolution of 4.5 inches. Also, you can record the videoconference with your Vivo Y15 on video.

Further, you can use it as evidence, memory, or to share it with family or friends, and click on the following link and follow the indicated steps.

How to Make Video Call on Vivo Y15:-

To make Direct Video Call Setting, you follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Go to Settings (Select “system update”) and check for updates if any are available.


Step 2:- After that, you will update the version.

Step 3:- Then, you need to first check that if the video call option is enabled or not because due to a system update it might not be available.

Video Call

Step 4:- If it’s still not available then you open your call keypad and type ” *#*#4838#*#* “

Step 5:- With this code, you will only work in Vivo smartphones for getting information related to:

  • Phone
  • Usage statistics
  • Wifi information

Step 6:- Now, select the “Phone information.” There you will see all the basic information about your phone. [IMEI, Phone number, IMSI, etc]

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Step 7:- After that, scroll down to the option of ” Real-time information of Data network connection. “ and make sure all these options should be Toggle ON.

  • VoLTE option
  • Video call configured
  • Wifi-calling configured

Step 8:- By enabling all the above settings your problem will resolve and you are available to make Video Call.

However, there are many applications for your Vivo Y15 to make video chat or videotelephony one by one or quality group video calls. All of these apps to install on your Y15 in its internal memory 4 GB to be in contact through video calls.

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For a stable video calling all you need is a good stable network connection and the incoming and outgoing sim operators must be VoLTE enabled. It is important that both the users need the same VoLTE connection to prevent the dropping of video calls.

We hope that by following all these steps you can enable the video calling option in your Vivo y15 smartphone.


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