Most people shoot slow-motion videos from their phone if it has an in-built feature. If you don’t have the feature to get a slow-motion video and share it on Whatsapp. Then, from this post, you can learn How to Send Slow Motion Video on Whatsapp.

If you have already shot a video at normal speed, then also you can you convert it to slow-motion from all of these listed apps.

How to Send Slow Motion Video on Whatsapp – 3 Ways:-

There are the following 3 ways to convert your normal video into a slow-mo on smartphones:

#1. VITA Application:

VITA app was designed to make better slow-motion videos. This app provides various features such as adding music, text, effect, changing the speed of your original video, etc.

You can some steps to make slow-motion:

Step 1:- Firstly, open your Play Store and download the updated VITA app. Launch this application.

VITA Application

Step 2:- Look for the option “New Project” and click on the “New Project” option present on your screen.

Step 3:- Select the original video that you want to convert into the slow-motion video using the application.

Step 4:- After this, the original video will load, and click on the “Edit” option available. Click on the speed option and drag the cursor and change the speed.

convert into the slow-motion video

Step 5:- Now, change the speed according to your wish and save the changes and click on the back button and then export it.

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#2. VideoShop App:

VideoShop App

This app lets the user reverse the video, resize it, trim it, tilt it with other features. To convert our original video into a slow-motion one, then follow these steps:

Step 1:- Install the app from PlayStore and open the app.

Step 2:- Click on “Import” to import the original file in the app and select the desired video and click on the “Done” option present.

Step 3:- Now, tap on the “speed” option present on the slide bar.

tap on the “speed”

Step 4:- Then, move the slider to the desired speed level for the slow-motion video and change the original video to 0.30x speed.

Step 5:- Save the changes and you have desired slow-motion video.

#3. Clideo Website:


This website lets you change the speed of your video online without any hassle of downloading the application. You need to follow the steps:

Step 1:- Firstly, visit the website using the link

Step 2:- Then you will find an option “Choose File’ and click on this option. Select the original video you wish to convert.

option “Choose File’

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Bottom Line:-

Bottom Line

These are the few ways that let you convert any video to slow-motion video on your Android phone. These apps will help you to make videos and easily share them on Whatsapp.

We hope that you liked this post on How to Send Slow Motion Video on Whatsapp.


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