Many times, people need to copy the information they need through the click of a mouse to save the data. To make things simpler we are going to focus on How to Take Screenshot in Asus TUF Gaming Laptop.

The screenshot capabilities of any device are taken by a command prompt that is delivered to the operating system through the click of one or a few buttons. In screenshot technology, you can also record whatever happens on the screen in real-time.

There are many different ways to take a screenshot that will enhance the overall user experience of capturing content on a screen in an integrated way.

Let us figure out the easiest way to take a screenshot on an Asus TUF Gaming Laptop:

How to Take Screenshot in Asus TUF Gaming Laptop – 4 Easiest Methods:

METHOD #1:- With the PrtScn (Print Screen) Or CTRL+ PrtScn Keyboard Shortcut On Windows:

It is the simplest method to capture a screen that allows the user to copy and paste the information.

With the PrtScn (Print Screen) Or CTRL+ PrtScn Keyboard Shortcut On Windows

Step 1:- On a window, open the Page that you want to take a screenshot on.

Step 2:- Then, on your keyboard tap the [PrtSc] button once to capture the screen.

Step 3:- Now, open a new file for an editing program such as Paint or Gimp.

Step 4:- Then, paste the screenshot using the [Ctrl] + V buttons with your keyboard and then, save the file.

METHOD #2:- With the Windows+ PrtScn Keyboard Shortcut

The PrtSc button is enough to take the screenshot alone. This way also guarantees that the screenshot was taken and saved.

Step 1:- For such, hold onto the Windows button and the PrtSc button together to get the screenshot.

Step 2:- Then, the screen will flash immediately ensuring that the screenshot was taken and saved automatically.

Step 3:- Then, the screenshot can be easily found in the Pictures section of a computer where the screenshot is saved in a folder.

METHOD #3:- By Using The “Snipping Tool”:

The Snipping Tool is easily found in ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop. This tool helps you to take a screenshot, and also allows users to crop the screenshot.

By Using The “Snipping Tool”

Step 1:- For such, first you need to press the Windows key on your keyboard.

Step 2:- Then, on the search box, type “SNIPPING TOOL“. Then, the results will appear, and click on the Snipping Tool application.

Step 3:- This app will show you a range of screenshot features from a Free-Form, Rectangular, Window, or Full-Screen snip. Then, select any form to take the screenshot.

Step 4:- Now, take a screenshot within one to five seconds. Now, you will get the option to save screenshots such as scrolling screenshots, creating GIFs, and saving to library options.

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METHOD #4:- By Using Extensions/Plugin:

To take screenshots on an ASUS Laptop, you can use these well-known screenshot extensions are Lightshot, GoFullPage, FireShot, Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder, HTML Element Screenshot, etc.

These screenshot options are usually provided for free and can be found in the Chrome Web Store.

Moreover, these extensions/plugins can be easily installed in Firefox, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Edge Browser, UC Browser, and many more.

They also have additional features such as editing options, cloud upload, copy to clipboard, search for a similar screenshot, entire page screenshot, etc.

Even more, some extensions/plugins offer photo editing options, highlighting, resizing and crop, annotations, blur sensitive information options, and export as PNG or JPG format.

How to Screenshot on ASUS Vivobook Laptop:

How to Screenshot on ASUS Vivobook Laptop

In Vivobook, you can take screenshots by pressing and holding down the [Ctrl] + [PrtScr] keys. Then, the screenshot of the screen can be pasted on any image editing software such as paint.

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By using a couple of buttons on your keyboard, it would be a great deal of time for the users. If you’re looking for taking the screenshot by using a plugin. You can easily edit the screenshot according to your suited job.


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