By using the slow-motion feature in your videos you can highlight fast-paced events by slowing them down. With the special effects, you can add more drama to a special video clip. If you’re ready to unlock your creativity, here you’ll find out how to do Huawei Slow Motion Video Export.

5 Steps For Huawei Slow Motion Video Export:

To take slow-motion video, follow the steps below:

Step 1:- First, access your Camera app and tap on the Camera icon from the Home screen or use predefined button shortcuts.

access your Camera app

Step 2:- Open your camera, and right swipe on the screen or tap on Mode to access camera settings. Tap on the Slow-Mo option that enabled you to disable it manually.

tap on Mode to access camera settings

You can change other settings such as the slow-motion speed. You can choose from:

  • x1/2 – lowest
  • x1/4 – medium
  • x1/8 – best

The x1/8 option is the recommended setting to record slow-motion clips.

Step 3:- Start recording your video by tapping on the red circle. Then, focus on an area or an object, and simply tap on it on the screen.

Step 4:- Tap on the thumbnail to play it and use the bar to set the beginning and ending parameters for slow motion.

thumbnail to play it

Remember to save by tapping on the three dots in the upper corner by playing or on pause. If you don’t save the file, it won’t playback in slow motion at all when you upload it somewhere else.

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How to Share Your Slow Motion Clip:

To upload it to your favorite social media platform, follow these steps:

Step 1:- Go to your Gallery and find the slow-motion video you want to share. Then, tap and hold the thumbnail.

Step 2:- Then, go to Share located at the bottom of your screen and use it to share your video. Next, tap on More to see an expanded selection of sharing options.

Share Your Slow Motion Clip

Then, select the social media platform and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the optional text. Then, upload the video to your selected site.

Final Thought:

Final Thought

By creating a slow-motion clip on your Huawei Slow Motion Video Export is easy.

There are limited editing features native to the device but you can head to the Play Store to find a good third-party video editing app.


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