Let’s consider, today everyone wants to color their hair because her or his hair always keep going to white. Its natural fact, most of the peoples are suffered from these types of activities. So, for solving this issue, we have a special “Natural Hair Dye” which you can make at home.

The experts and medical doctors have also suggested that natural hair can keep our hair for a long time. Maximum hair dye is utilizing or manufactured by using chemicals that’s why they will harm the people’s hair. So, they also advise to all sufferers to use Natural or homemade dye to color their hair.


Natural Hair Dye: Short Details


Natural Hair Dye - Short Details



Natural Hair Dye is one of the best methods that help peoples to color hair and also prevent damaging. These types of dyes are made by natural materials and the peoples are would able to make at home as well.


The best benefits of natural made hair dyes prevent hair from unwanted decreasing strength, dand-roughs, hair loss, and many more. Because of not mixing any chemicals integrants in the naturally made dyes, there are a lot of benefits.


Natural Hair Dye: Top 5 Best Home Made Remedies For Making Black Hair




Top 5 Natural Hair Dye
Top 5 Natural Hair Dye (Easily Make Black Hair)




Very hair loss sufferers are troubling from a question hair loss, hair degradation, not long staying color on hair, etc. So, we have solved this problem just by providing the Top 10 Best Home Made Natural Hair Dye, which will always hair black and naturally fit.


So, lets’ Get Start…


  1. Make Dye Via Mulethi and Ghee:


Make Dye Via Mulethi and Ghee



Ae we know that Mulethi is a natural material which is very beneficial for all human beings and Ghee as well. These types of remedies always work with the hairs and also frizzy hairs.

So, before using these types of things you should review them thus, it will maintain your hair health.


Advantage of Mulethi Integrates or Material:


We would like to aware you the best advantages of Mulethi Material are given below:

  • Keep Hair Black
  • Makes Your Always Thick
  • And, also makes hair Glowing and Shining. 


So, let’s get started to make hair dye with the help of Mulethi and Ghee, you need to require the below materials:


  1. You must need only 1 KG of Ghee (Try to USe Home Made Ghee)
  2. Take at least 1 Litre of Amla Juice 
  3. Finally, you need a minimum of 200 Gm’s of Mulethi as well. 


Now, you just need to mix all the integrates properly together then after that kept them for a few minutes with a very low flame. Once, all the stored water from the mixture gets evaporated then kept them in a cool place.

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Now, you should use them on your hair smoothly and wait for a few hours. Later, wash them properly then will surprise your hair remains fully black.


2. Via Amla Integrant:



Via Amla Integrant



We are well known about the wonderful natural integrant which one is Amla. It’s having a lot of benefits and keeps people healthy and fit as well. We need to inform you that, for getting real natural black hair then you must need to use Amla.


Check out below list to make hair dye of Amla:


  • You need to get a minimum of half-liter of water.
  • Then, you require to take a least 2 tbs of Amla and make sure that, it is pure.
  • Last, take 2 lemon’s and extract their juice.


Now, you have to blend them properly in the vessel or container and wait for few minutes. Now, natural hair shampoo is ready now and you need to use them on your hair. It helps you for keeping long hair, strong hair, and black as well.


3. Use Mango Stones:


Use Mango Stones


Mango Stone is one of the newest ones in the market for dying hair easily. Basically, the oil of Mango is also used for making hair grey white and strong. The oil of mango daily then your hair not too good but it makes your hair a little better and colorful also.


4. Via Using Mango to Make Natural Dye:



Via Using Mango to Make Natural Dye



In many cases, we have heard about the variety of mangoes like Mango Drink, Mango Milkshake, Mango Juice, and many more. But, this natural material always makes your hair black for a long time.


So check out below list:


  1. You must need to take 2 to 3 raws of mangos.
  2. Then after, again take a bunch of fresh Mango leaves also.
  3. Finally, take Hair Oil.


Now, mix together all the integrants in a pot till it will become like a soft paste. Then, take a large space container where you should need to keep them in the front of sunlight for a few hours.


Use this dye before shower that will really help you to create a thick and naturally black hair also. I will hope this one is also very beneficial for you.


5. With the Help of Coconut Oil and Lemons:


With the Help of Coconut Oil and Lemons


We are also well known about Coconut oil and some of the peoples are using daily for their hair. This hair dye is also useful for the user who wants to make their hair black and thick as well easily.


Collect the Below Materials Quickly:


  • You must need to take at least 1/2 or half pure Coconut hair oil.
  • and, at least 1/2 extracts lemon juice.


Now, you just need to keep the Coconut hair oil over the hard flame until it becomes hotter. Then, take the half piece of lemon and squeeze on them and well blend them for a few seconds.


Your hair dye is ready and you have allowed them on your hair under deep of the hair such that, it will reach to the root. If you are regularly utilizing this homemade dye on your hair then it will as soon as possible make your hair black.


Wrapping Up:






Every human hair needs treatment to make them strong, thick, healthy, and many more. Maximum peoples are always utilizing chemical-based shampoo for washing their hair and a normal oil.


But, it is not sufficient to make his or her hair completely black and strong for a long time. According to the report of hair health care, the beginning age of people is 20 to 25. They will start facing white hair or dropping hair and many more problems.


Then, in that situation, the doctors are always suggesting them use Natural Hair Dye which helps to keep black, strong, thick, and also long hair. So, we have created the list of homemade hair dye which is fully natural and no side effects also.


Check out below the list of Home Made Natural Hair Dye are:


  1. Make Dye Via Mulethi and Ghee
  2. Via Amla Integrant
  3. Use Mango Stones
  4. Via Using Mango to Make Natural Dye
  5. With the Help of Coconut Oil and Lemons


that’s it, these are all the list of best Natural Hair Dye that will always keep your hair naturally fit and stay healthy forever. We have mentioned in detail in the above paragraphs, visit there and follow all the necessary steps properly.



You should need to follow all the steps and use each material that is provided on the list. Later, allows them on your smoothly on your hair and don’t wash them via using any chemicals based detergents or shampoo as well. 


So, we will hope that this article is much more beneficial to all hair loss or black hair lost peoples. Don’t worry about the negative impact these dye’s and free to use them.









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