Android phone is nowaday very trending because of its awesome features and facilities. We just need a simple app to get any services digitally to us. TV is also coming with digital features on them and users are taking a big advantage from them.

But, most of the smartphone users have faced, how to stream from phone to tv? Thus, they can very smoothly watch videos, movies, play online HD games, and many more. So, here we provide all the best tactics that help you to easily connect your android phone with TV. So, check it out…


Basic Facilities of TV Via Connecting Android:

We have already known that we have a lot of best electronic devices like TV, Music player, Radio, android, etc. Today, every device are getting upgraded with their features so, the users become much smarter.


how to stream from phone to tv infographic
how to stream from phone to tv infographic



Such that, our team has discovered that, the services that we are enjoying at an android phone can also get on TV. We can connect “Android” or “Tablet” with our TV via a few accessories and later will enjoy it with them.


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The users very smoothly invest time in their holidays with their family members and their friends. Just need to connect your android or tablet with TV and keep ON internet connection. Then, you will browse applications like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

We have also must require a WiFi connection at home thus, the streaming is continuously and the service will never stop. So, without wasting your time and start moving toward, how to stream from phone to tv quickly.

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How to Stream from Phone to TV? – Top 3 Tactics

Now, after researching on them then we have concluded that we provide you the top 3 tactics that help you to, how to stream from phone to tv?

Tactic 1. Via HDMI Easily Connect with TV:

Via HDMI Easily Connect with TV
                             Via HDMI Easily Connect with TV


Here, is the best answer for the users who searching for, how to hook up the phone to TV? You must need the HDMI cable to connect your phone to the TV smoothly.

See, every or most of the users have already used their HDMI cable to transfer their media files like movies, videos, etc. But, you are still using HDMI cable port 2.1 and here you require HDMI cable port 2.0.

You will face the issue of not connecting with android or phone. So, in that situation, you need to use handy adaptors that will play an important role call to connect your phone via USB Type-C, micro USB, or other lightning ports as well.

Finally, you have also need to check that, is that USB cable compatible with your phone or not?

Tactic 2. Connect Phone to TV With USB Cable:


Connect Phone to TV With USB Cable
                                 Connect Phone to TV With USB Cable


The users should also need to know about the USB cable, if they have some document file on their android then they can browse it. So, that’s the big benefit for all students and office users. They are not only “Connect Phone to TV” for watching movies, videos, etc., but also can do their work.

You can smoothly open the saved files from the phone to TV directly without accessing the phone fullscreen display. Follow the step, just connect USB cable with your TV, then “Choose Source” option, and finally, “Select USB Cable” option.

At the end, you need to “Enable Button from Android” phone to transfer files and data into your TV or laptop.

Tactic 3. Connect Phone to TV By Wireless:

Connect Phone to TV By Wireless
                        Connect Phone to TV By Wireless


Today, everything are going wireless today, so, the users are also searching, how to connect phone to TV by a wireless method.

So, don’t take a big load from this problem. Here we have a solution for you where you can connect just using a few steps.

First of all, we want to tell something about this technology. By wireless connecting your TV with android, you will continuously cast your media or apps via WiFi connection.

The most trusted android or tablet application is “AllCast“, which is most of the time success to connect phone to TV smoothly. An Over-all transmitting process will have done wirelessly.

Here, you must have a basic requirement for this connection, an android phone should have “Android 4.2 OS version” or later. The or a system also has “Windows 8.1 OS version” and later as well.

You have done it, you just need to move on your android phone displays settings, then after that move under “Check Under Cast” and finally, you have to “Enable Wireless Display” to TV’s HDMI port.

This process has done with Android 4.4.2 operating system and the user regularly casting their movies, videos, photos, YouTube, etc., via WiFi connection.


Android phone is a very vast and smart technology today, here the user will get a lot of facilities from them. Peoples are just installing an app then starts getting services on their phone just a single click. But, sometimes the users are struggling, how to stream from phone to tv?

So, our team has hard work on this issue and got a special result for you. We have concluded overall “Top 3 Tactics that plays an important role call to “Connect Phone to TV“. The three tactics are mention below:

Tactic 1. Via HDMI Easily Connect with TV

Tactic 2. Connect Phone to TV With USB Cable

Tactic 3. Connect Phone to TV By Wireless 

So, we will hope the above tactics will successfully solve the problem of connecting android to TV. Use all these tactics and enjoy an unlimited casting facility on your TV.


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