The computer is also a very vast technology today that gives us several platforms to access any facility. So, today we going to learn, How to Take a Screenshot With a Laptop?

While using a personal computer it is very difficult because of a lot of factors. Like, it requires space, PC setup, peripherals, etc. But, the laptop is one the best way to easily use a computer and carry them anywhere.

Such that, most of the users across the world are want to utilize laptops because it’s all the same function just like a PC. The screenshot is one of the important PC users due to they make a lot easier.

Thus, don’t worry about it, here we provide a lot of platforms where you will very easily do this on your system. So, let’s get started now…

About Screenshot:

About Screenshot

The word screenshot is one of the most important keys that helps us to make simple a lot of tasks with proof. The screenshot is used to capture the current opening page on the PC or laptop.

whenever once we have completed any task on our system then we used it as proof. Most of the time, peoples have forgotten some work then this will helps. So, without wasting your valuable time let’s move to the main point.

How to Take a Screenshot With a Laptop in a Simple Steps?

Take a Screenshot With a Laptop in a Simple Steps

Almost all the PC users in the world have Windows operating system because its pretty simple to use. Basically, there are six ways to take a screenshot of the open screen by using short cut keys.

We have also categorized it into two parts, three keys are related to the Print Screen button and the remaining on the Windows key. Before accessing this feature, the user must have to use an external keyboard.

PC Users:

> At the upper right corner of the keyboard, the key “Print Screen SysRq” is available and make sure it is working or not? In some cases, that key is not working and the user can’t get this facility.

> Another key is the “WIN” key and it is situated between the “CTRL” and “ALT” key which is at the lower-left corner of the keyboard. The key having a special sign of “Windows” thus, the user can easily identify them.

Laptop User:

> The key “Print Screen” is available at the upper top of the keyboard and it may be combined with keys. So, make sure that just search “PrintScr” text on the key of the keyboard.

The laptop owned users must require to use combined keys, “Function Key” and “Print Screen Key“. I just used them together at a time and easily access the screenshot facility easily.

Check out Complete 6 Ways to Take Screen Shot from Laptop or PC:

As we discussed above, there six basic ways that we can use to Take a Screenshot With a Laptop. We have mentioned below the important ways:

Way 1st. Use Print Screen (PrtScn):

> PrtScn or a Print Screen is the best way and simple to take a screenshot on the system. See, in many cases, the users are utilizing more than two display by the experts. In that situation, they have required to use this way.

> It is really awesome technique because in just a single click the user will take a screenshot of all the displays screen. Via this key, it never saves your taken screen display on the file but you will get on the clipboard.

Way 2nd. Via Alt+Print Screen:

If you are using a single Window screen then, “Alt + Print Screen” is very helpful. The users can take benefits to take a shot of an open document or a browser.

We also ware to the user, these two keys are helpful to the PC but it may vary to three on the laptop. Again, this trick can’t save the screenshot into the file but you can get them in a clipboard.

Way 3rd. By a Win + Print Screen Keys:

The most beneficial method for the user is “Win + Print Screen” key’s and also save them in pictures folder. It automatically saves into the C drive >> YOur Name >> Screenshot Folder.

So, go there and open that screenshot and edit them as well with a proper name. Then your, new image is ready now.

Way 4th. Use “Win + Shift + S” Shortcut:

There is an inbuilt tool is present on the computer which is “Snip & Sketch” which comes in this way. The users should know that, once they have pressed, “Win + Shift + S” key then options will appear:

  • Rectangular
  • Freeform
  • Window
  • &, Fullscreen

So, the PC owners choose anyone of them which is beneficial for them then continues forward. Again, it doesn’t save you file and you will get it in the clipboard of the system.

Way 5th. For Video Screen Recording; “Win + G”:

Let’s consider, if you are regularly playing games or try to record screen as the video then use “Win + G”. Several users are using these keys for recording the Windows screen and later edit them.

An amazing feature is that it will save the recorded video in the “C Drive” of the Pc or a laptop. You will get them it into the video folder of the computer and having your name as file name.


You must have required to set the few settings on your personal computer or a laptop. Go to the Settings >> Then, Click on Gaming Option >> Finally, Choose the Game Bar option. That’s it, this will easily help to access or unlock the video screen recording.

Way 6th. Do “Win + Alt + Print Screen”:

On the other hand, you just require to press “Win + ALt + Print Screen” to take entire screen of the open page. Here, your file automatically saves into the videos section of C Drive of the system.

Here, again you need to set up a few settings; Go to Settings >> Then, Choose Gaming >> Game Bar option. That’s it, you have done and also can anytime access this way when you need a screenshot.

Other Alternative: Snipping Tool

Other Alternative - Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is also an inbuilt tool that helps to all PC or laptop users to take a screenshot very smoothly. Here, they must have to make sure that, the Snipping Tool is installed or not?

In rare cases, it has not been installed in the system or a computer thus, they need to download it form a web. The plus point for the user is that, once they used this tool then it saves them into the picture folder.

Now, you need to first press the “Windows” key then after that, type “Snipping Tool“. At the left corner of the screen, a pop-up will of the application appears. Now, press “CTRL + N” keys together via the keyboard. 

Then just hold on, you open the Windows screen becomes blurry and you have to scratch to choose the space. Thus, you can easily neglect the space which is not useful for you.

That’s why this is a very popular screenshot or capture tool and most of the users using them as well. Here, all the taken screenshots will aks the name of the file after taking a screen capture.

So, don’t worry about which file has been saved into your picture folder. Once you have chosen the screen space from the open screen then it will ask to put the name.

Final Thought:


Everyone has a laptop or PC at their home or in an office. While completing a task of either office or a school or for college purposes. But the users struggle to, How to Take a Screenshot With a Laptop or a PC?

So, after reviewing these types of issues we have solve out the issue and provides the best six tactics. We have mentioned all the requirements for using those six methods and get unlock different facilities.

Check out below tactics now:

1st. Use Print Screen (PrtScn)
2nd. Via Alt+Print Screen
3rd. By a Win + Print Screen Keys
4th. Use “Win + Shift + S” Shortcut
5th. For Video Screen Recording; “Win + G”
6th. Do “Win + Alt + Print Screen”

So, don’t waste you time and try out all these super short keys and take a screenshot on your PC or a laptop. Another best tool is Snipping Tool to shoot according to your needs space on your Windows screen.

The Snipping Tool or Software also allows you to save the screenshot into the file name and also to choose the location. So, try out this one is also enjoy with their benefits other benefits from them.


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