Any android phone always allows us to easily install a number of applications on them. Moreover, there are a lot of popular applications are available in the market. Such, “Messenger”, “Facebook”, “WhatsApp”, “Tik Tok” and many more. So, today we will go talk about, “What is WhatsApp and How Does it Work?“.


WhatsApp is a very popular android application but there are maximum new smartphone users who are suffering from a few issues. Few of them are well heart about this app and few of them didn’t know, how to use it?. So, don’t worry we are here especially for you, we will all the details about it step by step.



What is WhatsApp and How Does it Work?


What is WhatsApp and How Does it Work
                    What is WhatsApp and How Does it Work?


WhatsApp is one of the popular Android phones which gives us several platforms to us. In the year, 2009 this application was launched and now it is much more famous also. This app comes in the list of world-famous android applications.


In the short term, this application is very popular for texting and voice messaging. Another most interesting feature is that the user will able to use free for a lifetime. They didn’t pay any fee and need to pay at the time of downloading from the Google Play Store app.


Another interesting fact about this WhatsApp app is that this one is much more popular for its ultra enhance security and privacy features. Users can make a video calling or voice calling in all over the world.


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The most famous android application Facebook has completely owned this app and gives free access to many users across the world. It is still for use but it may charge some fee in the future but doesn’t have any clarification.


How Does WhatsApp Work?


How Does WhatsApp Work


See WhatsApp is a free service provider then you can freely download from the web and later use it ina whole day. Now, we have mentioned all the necessary steps which will help you to easily know much more about is working activity. Check out below steps:


Step 1. First of all the user is must need to “Open Google Play Store” application on their android phone.


Open Google Play Store


Step 2. Then, “Search WhatsApp” on the search bar and wait for a few seconds.


Search WhatsApp


Step 3. Now, you have to “Tap on Download Button” properly then after that it will automatically start download into your android phone.


Tap on Download Button


Note: Before download the WhatsApp application then you must need to check out their original symbols before download it into the system.


Step 4. Now, you have to “Open WhatsApp App” into your phone and “Enter Your Phone Number” then it will send you verification code.


Open WhatsApp App


Note: Before justifying the verification on the android phone, you must have a contact number on the same mobile. Suh that, you will easily install the application into your phone or smartphone.

Enter Your Phone Number


Step 5. Here, now you have “Go to the Profile Section” then “Add a Profile of Your Own” thus your family members or friends can easily identify you.


Add a Profile of Your Own


That’s it, this is about the WhatsApp working and you will very work or operate this application. Whenever you will try to send a message to your friend or family member then his or her contact number must be registered at the WhatsApp app.


Such that, you will very easily contact them can send text messages, make a video call without paying any single coin, etc.


So, this all about What is WhatsApp and How Does it Work?…


Features of WhatsApp Application Offered To All:


WhatsApp Application Feature


Many Android phone users are always known about the WhatsApp application to send a text message or make videos o audio call. That’ it. But there is plenty of utilization of WhatsApp application on our android phone or in the tablet as well.


So, don’t waste time and let’s movie towards WhatsApp Application features:


Make Free All International Calls:


The users should know that WhatsApp app-only utilizes your internet connection which is either coming from WiFi or from a Cellular phone. The users will be easily accessing them without paying any single money.


If you having 4G internet connection via cellular phone or high data speed on WiFi then you will make high-quality video calls anywhere all over the world. It will also take your very little data while making a video call anywhere.


If you sitting in the USA then you can easily make a video call across the world or other country friends truly free just by using your cellular data.


Unlimited Chating, Create Audio Calls with Friends:


Every single month, WhatsApp application is day to day upgrading their functions and features as well. Due to this, it offers the best experience of browsing the application.


ANy WhatsApp user can use it for unlimited chatting, create an audio call, and can do several things with their friends. So, say goodbye bye pay per minute calling applications or service. It’s a very huge opportunity for all android users to use them forever in their life free.


Large emojis or Icons, or Symbols, and many more are included in this application. Because of this feature, the user will easily use them and can also entertain with their family members or their best friends also.


Security Feature and Specification:


We well know about Apple’s product which is Apple iMessage and Signal as well. they are built with huge security feature thus, never hacks can hack the user’s account. Just like WhatsApp application also developed with huge security features and facility thus, the user will worry about their saved data.


The best thing about this application is that it doesn’t require any personal details at the time of registering an account on them. While installing this application into the android phone then you will also add a security passcode into them. Thus, it will easily present your app and no one can access without your permission.

WhatsApp Global Competition With Oher Applications:


See, we have a chart where all the global level applications are mentioned there and compared with the WhatsApp application. Checkout below chart:


There is also the WhatsApp web version which allows the user to access this application via the PC browser. Users just need to visit their official website which is ““. Then after, you have to enter your installed android phone’s WhatsApp application by scanning with the showing QR code.


Yup, your WhatsApp application will open on your personal computer and you will very easily use it for an unlimited period of time.


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