Xiaomi company has good news for their users, again launching a new phone which has a super amazing look, design, and cool features. Here, we are going to reveal “Xiaomi 11T Pro Sale in India Confirmed“, it will be available for soon all platforms including Amazon.

Xiaomi 11T Pro Sale in India Confirmed: Main Fact

Xiaomi 11T Pro Sale in India Confirmed

Most of the users are waiting for the launch and their sale confirmation as well. Firstly, this model is available at the “Amazon” store thus the users will smoothly book this phone online very easily.

Xiaomi 11T Pro Launch Date:

Xiaomi 11T Pro Launch Date

We would like to give the approximately launching date of Xiaomi 11T Pro is about to me “19th January“. This is not sure, it will be expected to launch on this date.


Super large “6.67 Inches” of the large-screen display is included on this where you will get very easily all high resolution of videos or movies.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 888” is provided on this model, this will help to boost up the performing the installed applications. This one is really ultra-fast processor which gives you an amazing experience.

Front Camera Feature:

Front Camera Feature

16 Megapixels” of front camera will give you always an advanced experience of capturing pictures. On the other hand, selfie users will record high resolution of HD videos or movies via this camera.

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All installed apps will respond super fastly because it gives ultra-enhanced RAM to them. The overall RAM of this mobile phone is “8RAM” not only this but also, it will be extended up to “12 or 16 GB” after updating its software in the future.


128GB” of storage is included on this model to store ultra-advanced levels of multimedia or videos or movies as well. So, stop worrying about storing media or capturing HD-type videos or movies.

Battery Capacity:

It is also offering a “5000mAh” capacity of the battery, thus you will continuously play games online and also 120Watt charger helps to fast charge the phone.


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