Another mobile model has recently been released by the Xiaomi company. Here, we reveal the Xiaomi Mi 12 Specifications and all their top-secret features. We would like to share all these specifications which are really beneficial for all users for all Mi lovers.

Let’s Move On; Xiaomi Mi 12 Specifications:

Mi 12

Super 6.8 Inch AMOLED Display:

Xiaomi Company offers 6.8 inches of AMOLED display has been introduced in the Xiaomi Mi 12 models where users get an amazing experience while watching 4K resolution of videos or movies.

Latest 888 Snapdragon Chipset: Play Super Fast Gaming Online

Snapdragon 888 is really ultra vast performance. Now, this chipset comes under Xiaomi Mi 12 Specifications thus, game lovers play non-stop games.

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8GB of RAM & 128GB of Storage:

See, all the installed applications of android phones need extra or high space of RAM. So, that’s why this Mi 12 model comes with 8GB RAM to unlock the ultra experience of utilizing installed games or applications.

Extraordinary space or storage helps users capture high resolution of shots or record videos and save them freely.

32 Megapixel Selfie Camera:

Now, this is the solution for the users who want to do the high resolution of video calling. Without wasting time enjoy Xiaomi Mi 12 feature where selfie camera is waiting for you.

13 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP: Rear Camera

Mi 12 Specs

Now, it’s time to use a back or rear camera, it offers a cool (13 + 8 MP + 5) MP camera where you will click or shoot amazing high resolution of pictures.

5000 mAh Battery Capacity:

The Mi 12 has 5000 mAh battery features, which helps to utilize your phone for a longer period. In most cases, the users will be getting depressed while either watching a movie or browsing their phone, battery low appearing on the screen.

Here, we explained all the important specifications and top amazing features of the Xiaomi Mi 12 and it will be also upgraded in the future as well.


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